Giving thanks...

I love November and really trying to instill thankfulness in the kids for all the many blessings that we have. We truly have so much, but I like to concentrate on the little things or the things that are important to kids hoping it might hit home a little easier. Last year we did a thankfulness garland of leaves and the kids really had a great time with it, so I wanted to do something similar but different (honestly, I wasn't looking to cutting out all those leaves again on November 4th).

So do you see those small pieces of paper in the front bowl? Those are fall leaves, cut out of construction paper by Jack, that we can write things we are thankful for on.

Then we use a glue stick and put them here (it's nice to have a little help on these projects from Mr. Jack & his writing adds an awesome touch). It looks bare now, but I'll post it at the end of the month when it's all full with leaves too!

And then I wanted to take the thankful idea one step further too (and bring back the garland idea). I saw this on a blog (sorry not sure which) and made my own little cards to use. Jack filled in the thing we were thankful for and I added an activity...some give back, some are helpful to us, and some just celebrate the thing we are thankful for (I'll put the list at the bottom of the post).

The first card we picked was "my home" and it asked us to organize something as a family. We chose the much needed winter coats, snow pants & hats/mittens/scarves.

Now I'm sure you are thinking this must be the "before" photo, but sadly no. Be glad I didn't give you a before photo cause it was scary! Everything was in 4 different places (the worst being most of the coats being stored in my tiny office) and not findable (case in point, Jack lost his our house!). Now everyone has their own hooks, a basket to put their hats & mittens in, and a place for boots too. It's in our front entry too, so totally out of the way! Yay!

We're just getting started on both projects (about a week now) but they are shaping up nicely and everyone is having fun with them! Hope you all have time to remember what you are thankful for this month!

The list of cards:
My Home - clean or organize something together
Books - visit library and check out fun books
Legs - go do something active outside
Sisters - show them i love them by helping with a chore & playing a game together
Teachers - make them a card & bring them a treat
Food - try a new food and donate food to people that are hungry
Cousins - make a care for them or invite them to dinner
My Dad - give him a hug, write him a note & do a chore for him
Hands - work on an art project
Seasons - go on a nature walk & collect leaves
My Mom - give her a hug, write her a note & do a chore for her
Neighbors - rake their leaves, pull weeds or make them a surprise treat
Eyes - watch a special movie together
Teeth - brush my teeth really well & floss too!
Turkey - make fun hand turkeys to decorate our house
Brothers - show them i love him by helping with a chore & playing a game together
My Kitchen - help with the dishes
Ears - go on a listening walk or have a dance party
Treats - make & deliver a treat to someone
Grandmas - call or make cards for them both
God (although there is a slight spelling error/cross out on our card) - say a prayer of thanks
Toys - pick some of my toys to give to kids who don't have any
Computers - send an email to someone & send them a photo too!
Family - do something as a family...a game, hike, activity
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

heather!! i love, love, love this!!

can i steal the template from you? and where did you get the tree? twine? please make this easy for me! :)

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