I'm looking for a dare to be great situation!

Anyone who knows me knows why I am grinning ear to ear at this and dying to share it with you! Best DVD launch idea ever...the Lloyd Dobbler mob invades nyc!

big thanks to word to your mother for the heads up on this!

I LOVE Say Anything...I have no idea when I saw it first, how many times I have watched it or how many more times I will see it, but I have a feeling I will always love this movie! I seriously quote this movie 150 times a day...without even thinking about it ("not in my ear!" and "the red line is there for a reason" are very easy to spout out with my kids around). In fact I had about 6 different ideas for the post title and felt badly just choosing one. I mean it's not like I have a problem or anything, but I am keeping my Christmas gift ideas is my Say Anything notebook (fashioned from an old VHS tape cover) and proudly wear my Lloyd Dobler t-shirt whenever I can (thanks Tracie!).

Check out the trailer below...it's cheesy, but it has a lot of the "great moments" & reminded me of my love. Hope it does the same for you...cause you've all seen and loved this movie, right? I'd really like us all to continue being friends! :-)
Sadie said...

I ADORE Say Anything, not to mention Lloyd Dobbler!! Ahhh...

I'm totally and completely serious.

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