Keeping on track

So about six months ago I had a baby...and along with that comes A LOT of unwanted weight! Knowing that this was my last pregnancy, I wanted to get rid of that weight asap. So as soon as I could, I started doing everything I could! I worked really hard and the weight did come off pretty fast. But along with that weight comes a very distorted body...I now fit in a lot of clothes I never had before because I suddenly was a rectangle shape (instead of the usually dreaded pear shape I'd grown accustomed too) and I missed having a waist!

I started running in the mornings before the kids woke up, but what happened was I would stay on track for about 3 days, skip a day, skip another thing you know it's been two weeks with no running and I'm actually worse off than when I began. I wasn't sure what to do to stay on track.

Get a running buddy? Nope, it's just not for me. I'm not a particularly fast runner and to be honest, the treadmill keeps me honest. There is no way to take a shortcut or walk for awhile unnoticed on that baby (plus I don't like being cold running outside).

My hubby? Not the motivator I need! In fact, he has always supported my heaviest, at my lightest, and everywhere in between. Awesome quality for a husband...not so great for a motivator.

Enter this guy...

I can you not stay on track with this guy training you? Seriously though...I should have done this ages ago! I set a running goal that would force me to run everyday (100 miles in 30 days) and Jack made me a chart. Every day he asks how many miles I ran and crosses them off. I missed two mornings and he made me feel so guilty, that I ran during naptime!

Of course he is also my greatest cheerleader! I missed a day last week (I'll never do that again as I'm still recovering) and had to make up my mileage on Saturday...that meant a 7 mile run. He was SO proud of me when I finished!!!

So we're halfway through and I'm pretty much on track to meet the goal (photo above is old...I've done 53 miles in 16 days). I'm not looking to lose more weight (although it's fine if I do)...I just want to get my regular body shape back (it's not great or anything, but it's what I'm used to). And honestly, most days I get on the treadmill because I want Jack & I to meet our goal.

Now I just need an idea for our next training's been too much fun working with Coach Jack to stop!
Sadie said...

What a great idea!! Gavin is sitting here, wondering who Jack is. He said, "he looks pretty cool..."

Coach Gavin might just emerge over here too, heaven knows I need somebody to kick my behind back into running too!

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