Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway Part 2

Seriously you guys? No one has any ideas for me? I know someone out there has a perfect idea for me, so please, please, please...let's see some thoughts here people!! :-) If you don't step up, Matt is threatening to ask Santa to bring her a car seat (could anything be more pathetic?).

So let's mix it up a bit...Everyone who enters will be put in a random drawing for a $10 gift card from Starbucks (you know you're interested...the holiday drinks sound awesome and I don't even drink coffee!). I'll pick a winner on Saturday the 5th.

To enter...please comment below with a gift idea for the following kid...
-baby girl, 9 months at Christmas
-youngest of 3 kids (who were all spoiled terribly by their family & my friends)
-has no real clothing or toy needs
-gift should be in the $50-75 range
-can be any category...need, want, toy, learning, something to do, keepsake...we just need an idea or two.

PS Angie Kelly is already entered (and is my hero) for actually giving me an idea on the last post! :-)
tracie @ tsj photography said...

i got nuttin' as i'm desperately trying to think of my own ideas for her! :(

on the upside ... i've got extra car seats if you need 'em ... we're officially done with the 5 latch system.

Anonymous said...

This is right up my alley. I buy my kids next to nothing but I'm obsessed with high quality, heirloom, USA or fair trade made toys.
Here would be my suggestions. Link overload, sorry!

Playsilks are open-eneded and all kids of all ages love them.

Any of the beutiful musical instuments from Palumba

All girls need a beautiful, soft, fair trade made doll.

These wooden stackers will be played with for years

I'll stop now!! :)

Anonymous said...

One more.
A growth chart from Etsy

This one is my favorite[]=tags&includes[]=title

Suburban prep said...

For a young girl I would give an add-a-pearl necklace or bracelet. These can start off smallu but then the pearls can be added over time and be quite meaningful at an event later on in life(graduation, wedding, etc).

msgb245 at gmail dot com

DG said...


I would recommend this. It's a top purchase amongst family friends for under a year old babies! :)

classic learning toy :)

emilee rose said...

She may need an abc print from emilee rose...haha.

I LOVE the growth chart idea.

I'm not sure if she already has a complete baby book...but that could be a nice thing. I hear that moms don't always get around to finishing them. I always wished that my mom had one for me and my bro to look through.

Jennifer said...

As an alternate to the baby book idea, you could print your blog for her...

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