We did it!

100 miles in 30 days...done! Yay!!!

I'm very proud of myself...I only missed 2 days of the 30 (and paid for those misses the day after). The whole thing wasn't about weight loss, it was really about getting me moving every day and sticking with it (well a bit about getting back "in shape" too). It worked well...and my clothes are fitting much better these days too (yay!).

Jack was my toughest coach (he followed me to the basement yesterday to make sure I got my procrastinating butt down there) but was also SO proud of me! I'm planning to do something again with him soon where both of us can be involved...have to brainstorm!

And lest you think these babies are being hung up for good? Not so much...

My friend Jackie (why did I become friends with a personal trainer? hee, hee) has challenged me to a string of tough (for me) treadmill workouts this week and also her gym started a Biggest Loser-type thing today. It runs through Jan 6th and the idea is to stay at the same weight or lose a pound or two while going through the holidays (and all the parties & food). I thought why not play along from the sidelines, so I weighed myself this morning (and thanks to all the yummy food at Tiffany's this weekend, I'm 2 lbs up from last Friday, so I've got that going for me!) and I'm going to try to stick with the exercising & see what happens! As my friend Sue said last week, I'm "not afraid of eating," so I've got to keep up with the exercising to combat my horrible diet, right? :-)
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

this is so awesome!! i'm proud of both of you!

3 across said...

So cool!!! What a great idea--congrats Jack and Heather! And you do look awesome, by the way!!!

P.S. I LOVE your blog if you didn't notice by my past 20 commments. It is addicting! :) Thanks for sharing!

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