2010 glasses

I was on the look out for a super easy craft idea that would help us ring in the new year (be that at midnight or say 8pm) and I found this great tutorial over at Make and Takes for 2010 glasses made from pipe cleaners. Here are our creations modeled by Jack and EJ.

We used shiny, sparkly (and therefore semi-pokey) pipe cleaners for the 2010 portion and the normal, fuzzy (and therefore easier on the ears) pipe cleaners for the sides. For EJ's pair, I followed the sizing given in the tutorial...1/2 a pipe cleaner looped on itself for each zero, 1/2 pipe cleaner for the 2, and 1/2 pipe cleaner (minus about 1 inch) for the 1. The 1 inch piece then connects the 2 zeros and the 1 together (the ear piece connects the 2 to the first 0).

Jack's needed to be bigger though if he wanted to see through them. I ended up taking the pipe cleaner and sizing it around his eyeball so I could see how the two circles would sit comfortably. His ended up being about 2/3rds of the pipe cleaner. Then I just sized the rest accordingly. On both pairs, cutting a pipe cleaner in half for the ear pieces worked perfectly.

I think I would play with it and just size them appropriately for each specific kid. EJ has a small head and Jack has a big head, but EJ's was made according to the tutorial and they fit Olivia too! I think that is saying something about their size.

These were so quick to make and he kids absolutely loved them! I think I'm going to make a couple more pairs tomorrow so everyone can ring in the new year with these fancy specs on!

Until then...Happy New Year from Mr. Magoo! :-)
Leslie said...

Could your kids BE any cuter??? Love the glasses, SuperMom! :) Happy New Year to all of you!! LOVE!!

Carrie G. said...

I second what Leslie said......way cute!

Carrie G.

The Photographer said...

So cute! Love the sparkly Pipe Cleaners..I actually like it better than the Makes and Takes! Great Job!

tracie @ tsj photography said...

this is the best!!!!! i love it!

and look at how big your kiddos are! ohmygoodness! ;)

happy new year my friend!

Jackie said...

I so wanted to do those, they are adorable!! I would've definitely worn a pair at midnight :)

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