Bell Ringing Fun

Our bell ringing outing was an interesting one this year, complete with our first hour being double-booked with the large family before us (we split the time) and a shoplifting bust, but plenty of good cheer and fun too! We were between a set of double doors going into Macy's, so Jack spent most of his time opening doors and saying hi to people. He did a really good job and I was very proud of how he continued to be kind and friendly to people throughout our shift.

My favorite donation was a young boy (I think about 17, but I am the worst judge of people younger than I am, so he may have been older) who was on his phone coming into the store. Jack had wandered away from the door and ran to get in front of the boy to open the door for him. The boy said thank you and went inside. After he got just inside the doors, he turned around and came back in, telling the person on the phone to hold on, pulled out his wallet and made a donation! So sweet!

We had some great visitors (thanks to Mary & Leah and Mike, Sophia, Abigail & Henry for coming down to say hi and donate) and the last half hour we had some additions to our team too! (please ignore the horrible-ness of the photos...bad lighting taken with an iphone)

This girl got lots of donations...I think it was the super long apron (she couldn't walk) and the "Merry Cwistmas!" she shouted to each person.

Really bad self-portrait (the one of me with Jack & EJ is too blurry to make you look at). There is still time to sign up to ring or to donate to our online kettle...please read this post for more information!

Livie didn't hang out for much bell-ringing but had a blast at the food court where we had dinner after our time was done.

After dinner, the girls & Dad went home and Jack & I headed back to Macy's to mail the kids' letters to Santa. They had the coolest mailbox and for every letter mailed to Santa, Macy's donates $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Read more about it here.

This is the inside of the letter Jack sent...I love my boy with the big heart!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

fun, fun, fun!!! LOVE the letter to santa!! ;)

Sarah said...

How could ANYONE pass up those sweet faces? Even Scrooge would give a bunch!

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