The Biggest Loser's Biggest Fans

So my kids might be a little obsessed with The Biggest Loser. The first step is admitting the problem right? I give you the following examples...

Exhibit A:
Jack sees this on my computer the other day (one face on a 4 column tweetdeck page by the way)

and says, "Mom, that looks like Bob! Did he send you an email?"
"No, honey..." (I am cut off)
"Oh, he's on your Facebook!" (sign of the times, eh? why does my 6-year-old know about this stuff!)

You should have seen him when I showed him a tweet from Jillian (I thought his head was going to explode).

Exhibit B:
EJ & I were shopping at Target mid-October when she says to me out of the blue, "Mom, you look like Jillian. Are you going to be her for Halloween?" (fyi, see the above photo and notice I look nothing like Jillian)

Exhibit C:
The following video was shot by Matt a few months ago. I was not home but he swears it was not set up...he happened on them playing like this, set the baby down, and grabbed the video camera. There is another one where EJ tells Jack "Come on, even I can lift that much!" but it gets cut off weirdly, so you get this one instead.

I guess if they have to be obsessed with something, being healthy is a good thing? Or maybe it's just a good balance for them given that their other favorite show is Top Chef!
Noho said...

OMG, hilarious! We recently discovered the Biggest Lower. It is a good counter to Too Chef.

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

hilarious!!! and hey, with that new bod of yours ... you are looking a bit like jillian! ;)

Anonymous said...

Being your mother....what would have happened to Olivia if Jack would have dropped the pink stool??? she was right under it.
OMG !!! Cute video, but mother's can't help noticing those things.

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