Christmas in Pictures

Our kids are exhausted! This morning Jack and I played the first game of checkers on his new set and I won (probably the first time ever)...he cried for a good 10 minutes after. That was at 9am. Overall though the kids did great both last night and today, but I am very glad for a mellow day before we hit the ground running again on Sunday with me hosting a shower for the newest baby in the family and Matt & the kids hitting an indoor fun place with all the cousins.

Anyway, I'm very much ignoring the kitchen packed with dirty dishes and the house which is begging to be cleaned by checking out the few pics I took & blogging. After this I am going to bed with fingers crossed that my exhausted kiddos sleep in later than 7am!

So, before I head up, here are some quick pics from our Christmas celebrations (brought to you with limited Mommy talk because, let's face it, this will be the longest post ever!!!)! Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Quick pic before heading to Grandma's for Christmas Eve



Crazy woman!

She LOVED tissue paper!

Puzzles with Auntie Alice & Uncle D

Santa brought EJ a big girl dolly that looks like her with pigtails (just what she asked for!)

Jack's gift from Santa led to some crazy am indoor baseball

Liv got her very own books!!!

Everyone checking out Liv's touch book (i love this pic)

Jack setting up our game

Jack opened his gift from T one piece at a time...every part was a hit (all outer space/astronaut themed) but this space blanket was living room tested immediately!

When he hit the space suit that smile was plastered across his face for good! (freeze dried ice cream was tried by all the cousins later in the day too)

i may have cried a bit at this gift...and EJ was very proud to wear her new shirt from Auntie too! She wouldn't take it off until I bribed her with a pretty dress & new hair beads!

she's just a little excited to test out her new sleeping bag...

visit from santa

oh yeah, one hour after matt's family arrived, jack switched from dress-up clothes to space gear & never went back (he insists on wearing nothing but undies under his space gear...yikes)!

we even let "santa" hold the baby...after his insane ej drop 2 years ago he wasn't so sure we'd give him clearance!

the newest cousins...evelyn (one month) & olivia (8 months) (miles is there too...he's in the belly on the right! coming in feb)
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

our children are adorable!!!!!!

merry, merry christmas! ;)

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