Handmade Gifts - EJ

This year for Christmas each of our children are receiving something handmade by Mom and then also their gifts from their siblings are either handmade or something they can use to be creative. Since the handmade items are all pretty simple to do, I thought I'd share them.

So first up is Elizabeth's gifts. Warning: Jackie if you are reading this, stop! Abbie might be getting one of these too! :-)

Gift from Mom: Hand puppets
I saw this awesome tutorial for a Grover hand puppet over at Make and Takes blog and thought it was easy enough even I could handle it. The only thing I did differently, was to sew the edges instead of gluing them (just cause EJ tends to be rough with things and I thought it would hold up better).

So here is Grover (please ignore the awful photography on these...I'm not sure what I was doing!)...

And Elmo...

And last (and most scary), Abby Cadabby.

These were a really quick project (which is why EJ is up first) and I think she will really get a lot of use out of them (or at least I hope so).

Gift from Jack & Olivia: A travel art case
Jack received a big case very similar to this from a friend of mine and he always loved it. He carried it with him to restaurants, and basically everywhere else we went, and used the art supplies all the time. I still remember him coloring at the bar with Uncle Steven at about age 2...I wish I had a photo of that actually! :-)

I found a smaller version of the same kind of case on etsy (EJ is more petite right) and had it personalized with her favorite animals (well, the lady didn't do tigers, but most of her favs are there).

Then Jack & Daddy spent a little time in Target picking out these awesome supplies to fill it up. I think they did great...Jack is still mad that he couldn't get her colored pencils (can you imagine EJ wielding a pencil? I really think her eyes are too pretty to lose them at such a young age!).
Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest puppets ever.
The kids will love them. And the travel art case is so nice to have along..kids get so antsy just sitting around waiting. It would work pretty well at Dr. offices too.

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