Late nights, early mornings and naptimes have been filled with my booty sitting on the couch stitching some Christmas gifts. Because I get bored, and because I had a couple free Redbox codes (DVDONME and BREAKROOM if you're interested), I've watched a few more movies than usual. And seeing as I really liked most of them, thought I'd do a quick post and maybe help you find a good flick too.

First up...Julie & Julia
Loved it! Seriously awesome...all the actors were great (Jane Lynch even has a small her!)...well done blending the two stories. I'd just like to say (full disclosure) that I've never read the book, so I didn't have that clouding my judgment (as it almost always do if I read the book first). My favorite line..."57 comments and I don't know any of them!" :-)

Next up...My Life in Ruins
Cute flick (how can you not smile at Nia Vardalos), beautiful setting, not groundbreaking but not bad either. Matt and I both cracked up at..."what do you call the guy who waves his stick around? well we called him Uncle Phil."

I saw The Proposal on my girls trip in November and of course I had to say how funny it was...or maybe it's that I can't get several scenes/songs out of my head! Well and how hilarious Betty White and Oscar Nunez were too!

And last a holiday movie for you that I am so in love with...Four Christmases. I truly went in expecting a semi-funny chick flick, but it was seriously funny! So many great actors in this one too. I'm still waiting to watch this one with Matt, but I'm hoping there is enough physical comedy to allow me 5 less viewings of Christmas Vacation each year (seriously can you guys believe John Hughes did that to me?).

And what will be our first movie watched in 2010? Well I know the kids are dying to see the new Chipmunks movie, so I'm thinking it will be our first parent-big kid date of the new year. I hear the rival girl chipmunk band does a killer rendition of Single Ladies. But to be honest, I don't think any rendition could be as great as this one (I heart Glee)!

Glee Football Dance (single Ladies) HQ Full Video - The most amazing videos are a click away
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

i think i heart glee too ... and i've never seen an episode!

that was awesome!

another good movie {for you and matt, while taking advantage of my xmas gift maybe?} ... blindside ... awesome flick!!

Anonymous said...

Uncle and Marie hated Julie and
Julia but The Proposal..uncle said
Marie leaned over and said "That's Michelle". Uncle says she is a real B.tch.

Leslie said...

Since Mike has to work on NYE Day this year, when we traditionally do something as a family, I'll be taking the kids to see the Squeakquel . . . so I guess that's the last movie of 09 for us!!

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