Old School Correspondence

Warning: If you are Jack's Grandma or Godparent, stop reading now unless you want to ruin Christmas! :-)

Okay, so for the rest of you, I wanted to share this gift idea so you might have time to make it if you are interested. It takes very little time to get ready but hopefully will provide some fun throughout the year. Jack and I made postcard packs for each of his Grandmas and Godparents. Grandmas got 10 cards, Godparents got 5...all with Jack's address. We also made Jack a pack of 12 cards (3 addressed to each person he is giving packs). Each card is stamped by Jack and addressed by me, so it's easy to add a quick note and something to the back side (drawing, stickers, photo...whatever) and send it off!

Jack also wrote each person a note explaining what the gift was about and asking them to write him. We'll add this to the top of the pack and wrap them all together with a ribbon.

I'm really hoping that this gift is fun for everyone. Jack and his Grandma S have been emailing each other lately (which is great except for my computer getting "borrowed" a lot), so I thought this would be another fun way for them to keep in touch. And seriously, what kid doesn't love getting mail? And what Grandma doesn't love getting a note & some art from their grand-kid? It's a win-win situation right?

A couple notes on postcard regulations, just in case you want to replicate these:
-use card stock weight paper
-postcards must be a minimum of 3.5x5" and a maximum of 4.5x6" (ours are 4x5.75") and must be a rectangular shape
-at this time postcard stamps are 28 cents (let's hope they stay that way for 2010)
Anonymous said...

I didn't read the blog, just quickly pulled it down to the comments line. Just want to say,
'THAT SUCKS !!!!' I look forward to reading your blogs...now I will 'blog deprived' for a day. mom

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