Ornament craft

I saved the link for this felt ornament tutorial as it looked SO cute and seemed pretty simple too. About a month ago, I decided that they would be the perfect thing to give as a favor at my sister-in-law's baby shower. I went and picked the perfect shades of blue and brown to match her invitation and a cute striped boyish ribbon. And then Christmas crafting, baking and life in general got in the way a bit...

Fast forward to yesterday when I actually pulled out my materials (at about 3pm) and looked again at the tutorial...one day before the shower! Add in a dinner out with the sister-in-law in question and you no longer have favors, but you do have a great new idea for a possible table decoration. What do you think? We are having a small shower so will just have a large rectangular table...and yes, they are hanging from Jack's new IKEA art paper stand.

Anyway, I think the actual ornaments came out cute enough. They are easy to make, but more time intensive than you would expect...it takes awhile to trace and cut the 6 circles for each ornament and knotting off each time you stitch takes longer than the actual stitching!

I may not have finished today but I think these will make an appearance next year. If nothing else they would make a nice affordable price point for the holiday gift fair at Jack's school (when kids are shopping with their own money it's better to have prices under $3!).