Our crazy day

My plan for today was to post about a cool (well at least I thought so) gift I made for my friend, but after an all-nighter, I still wasn't done (seriously!) and then today...well today has been a blur! So instead, you get a little photo post! That's good right?

We started out the day here at Jack's school Holiday Sing. Jack kept a big secret that in the opening song he got to stand on the risers and ring a hand bell. How cool is that?

He took his job VERY seriously...I had to get an action shot (and photos were hard to get from our vantage point standing in the back...the place was packed!)

It was a big day for all my kids as from there we went to tour another school...a preschool for EJ (is she really that old?) and then headed to the post office to apply for a special booklet for the baby! Yikes!

Then I spent the afternoon with this machine making some cookie doughs...

And with this non-napping baby...

And working on a concoction with these...

While these turkeys played in the kitchen behind me.

And now I'm heading to a friends to spend some time baking the cookies and drinking some of this!

But I promise that project is coming soon!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

jack is adorable!! as are all your children! when did livie get so big!?!

after a crazy day, hope you had a fun night!

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