The Perfect Last Minute Gift

Okay so Grandmas and Godparents...move it along! Nothing for you to see here today. Maybe tomorrow okay?

So, for the rest of you, I have the PERFECT gift for everyone and anyone left on your list. Yep, there is a "one gift that fits all" out there! Charity: Water

100% of your gift goes to building wells in Africa, India, Honduras, and other places where people are forced to drink disgusting water because that is all there is! Almost a billion people do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. Many people in developing nations (usually women and children) walk more than three hours each day to collect water that is likely to make them sick. Water that looks like this...

A gift of $10 buys clean water for one person for TEN YEARS!'s that easy! Click here to donate...there is even an option where you can donate in someone's name ($20 donation) and have Charity:Water send a cool e-card. What could be simpler than that?

I'll go one further though...I made these cards for the kids to give with their gifts. Nothing too fancy, but I'd gladly personalize the file for you and send you a pdf to print (just leave a comment or shoot me an email).

Simple gifts are always best!
beckley said...

hiiiiiiii!!!!!!! so, i only have a sec, but it's Robyn.Vining, JAckson's mom. just hopped here from karri's craft idea- had not idea who it would be :)

anyway, i'm a HUGE fan of charity:water and moments ago cut them a check from my photography business- big fall fundraiser.

so, we have that in common, and for as much as I LOVE this organization, I love that we have this in common!!!

So, hello in blogland, and I'm really glad to find you here! Very-FUN!

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