Simple Holiday Crafts for Kids Round-up

I've been trolling the blogs and scouring the magazines for holiday craft ideas for my family, gift ideas for a friend's family (for the kids to make) and now was searching out a few to give as ideas for Jack's class for holiday ideas. With a snow day likely for us tomorrow, I got the idea that maybe I should share some of these great ideas (I can say that as these aren't my own ideas)...I'm a little slow these days, okay?

So, these are mostly for kids ages 2ish to 6ish (coincidence?) and a warning...if you are a grandma, godparent or friend of my kids, you might be getting something from these ideas as a gift, so act like you've never seen the idea before, okay?

Fun Wreaths

Peppermint Candy Wreath

Pom Pom Ornaments

Paper Candy Cane Ornament

Reindeer Ornaments

Tissue Box Gingerbread Houses

Votive Candle (Jack made these last year and filled them with candy)

Marshmallow Snowman
(no pic on this link but you could vary these instructions to work with anything you have handy in your kitchen...simple and edible!)

Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament

Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament

Beaded Wreath (you could also make a candy cane pretty easily)
Sarah Q. said...

Ok, you way rock as a fun mom, Heather. I'd be telling my kids to get in the basement and find something quiet to do. Thanks for the great ideas for some grandparent gifts.

Anonymous said...

That tissue gingerbread house looks good...any grandparent could use that....hint, hint. Mom

Zina said...

Good timing! Posting all these wonderful ideas when half the state of WI has a snow day. FUn stuff!

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