Third Child Neglect

Poor Olivia! I took that photo of her in the high chair yesterday and realized I never take photos of her just in life...unless it's posed and she's wedged between her siblings, it just doesn't happen. So yesterday afternoon she was jumping away and I realized I have no documentation that she is ever in that thing (despite the fact that she spends close to every waking moment in it...she loves it that much!).

We also have very few videos of Liv, so I decided to take care of both at once. When Liv first saw the Flip, she started posing, but eventually went back to jumping. And while this may be the most boring video ever, as her parent I think it is funny that she basically hits all her "tricks"...jumping, babbling, rocking herself, even the scream makes a quick appearance. The only thing she didn't do was get the jumper going and then lift up her feet to "ride" (one of my favorite tricks she does). Obviously she knew this was her one moment to shine!

Oh and two quick things...yes, she is rocking out to Young MC and yes, I lifted up the level of the jumper after looking at this video and seeing how much air she was getting!
southern daze said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog today! If it makes you feel any better I struggle to find good ones on Etsy too. Typically I search for prints with the tags of "motivational" or "inspire." Yesterday when I found the one I posted about today I searched letterpress prints. It definitely takes time (which, with 3 kids, you probably don't have much of) but can be worth it if you find something that makes you smile.

I hope all is going well for you!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

seriously, could she be any cuter!?!

lisa said...

Ditto TSJ's comment, she is so darn cute. But then again, they all are, and look at their mom?

Anonymous said...

My God, she does enjoy that thing.
I thought for a moment there that she was going off into space. Good thing you took the video amd noticed how low it was or you may have been scraping her off the ceiling soon.

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