Because I think in tweets...

Things I might have said on Twitter if I had internet access during our vacation (although they may be more than 140 characters):

-My kids are awesome travelers...Liv waited forever to eat, bigs only had crackers until 8:30pm & yet no major meltdowns through all the delays.

-i'll take a cold, winter day in Mexico over one in the Midwest any day of the week!

-pale, chubby babies garner a lot of attention in Mexico...

-2 year old Guatemalans don't do too badly for themselves either...

-daddy is in trouble!

-i'd like to hate the drink Miami Vice due to its name, but there is just so much to love.

-despite walking 5 miles a day (literally, it's a huge resort) & swimming, I still have a HUGE frozen drink potbelly!

-easy-going baby is an understatement when it comes to Livie.

-if you're kids are singing a song they've never actually heard before, it has definitely been stuck in your head too long!

-true friends will email, tweet and offer to Google lyrics to help you get past the 1st two lines of the song stuck in your head.

-i may (or maybe not...jury is still out) have a problem with buying matching clothes for my girls.

(some outfits were not documented to protect the innocent)

-"no restrictions" means an obscene amount of apple juice, smoothies, watermelon & ice cream are being consumed by the big kids.

-consuming all of the above in mass quantities causes accidents of all kinds at all hours

-all accidents have occurred in pjs & cold weather clothes, not one of the 10 swimsuits I have packed for each kid.

-we cannot tip housekeeping enough to deal with this family's mess.

-post-vacation detox is going to be a bitch!

-it's fun to watch your kids become best friends...

-i could write a whole post on "Travel Matt" but let's just say "Mattspanol" cracks me up!

-Olivia is a blast & has a blast wherever she goes!

-my daughter is growing up and wants to be a big kid VERY badly.

-in related news, EJ is beginning to crack our grown-up code...Matt & I need to up our game a bit.

-my kids will watch ANY kids show...even those in Spanish (the Fantastic Four movie for example?).

-in related news, everything & anything is a fun when you are on vacation.

(giant connect 4, bingo, pretending to be a ballerina, more connect 4, dancing with our new friend Elaine, exploring Mayan ruins, closet peek-a-boo, giant chess...and yes, jack is playing air guitar with the knight, baby cabana peek-a-boo, riding the tram, dvd before dinner)

-playing Yahtzee is like riding a roller coaster...lots of ups and downs!

-a jacuzzi tub can save a rainy day!

-I've got very cute, but very squirmy kids. Finished trying in vain to get all 3 kids to look at the camera at the same time and EJ says "I give up!"...hadn't even realized I was saying that!

(some of my favorite "outtakes")

-my kids are total water bugs!

-well, maybe not all of them...

-If Target is out of Little Swimmers I should keep looking until I find some...Pampers version does not get the job done!

-tooshies are cute!

-people from the Midwest are super friendly & genuine...and a lot go to Mexico in January too!

-just met people who live 3 miles from our house...they stopped us because they spotted Jack's t-ball shirt.

-dance parties rock!

-only the best daddy in the world would allow his kids & others to stuff his pants with balloons!

(matt's team beat Ben from Canada...23 to 16!)

-if you take photos of your kids feet, you take the risk of them saying you are "So Weird!"

-the Baby Club here is for 2-4 year olds (see Tracie, Hunter IS a baby!) :-)

-someone mentioned a zoo our first day & now EJ asks every day if we're going...thank goodness for all the random wildlife here!

(that monkey is literally on someone's hotel room balcony, they said those raccoon-looking things were harmless, but they totally freaked me out & yes, I totally took a pic of the kids with the iguana over the photographer's shoulder when I wasn't supposed to)

-getting to be in the evening Disney show may just be the highlight of a 6 year-old's trip! (i have really bad video too if you're interested)

(opening number with all the kids in Lion King, curtain call-he was never a mouse but somehow ended up in that costume, the big Hercules scene-he's the kid on the left)

-i heart Coca-Cola Light...the all-inclusive resort only has Pepsi. On Day 6, I found my forbidden love...

-just passed a couple women speaking in Spanish...yadda, yadda, yadda WHATEVER yadda, yadda...apparently Whatever (with attitude) does not translate!

-hotel laundry service to save a beloved bedtime buddy is worth every peso.

-we should have brought helmets for evening 6/day 7...

-a lot of triage can be done with a mini first aid kit...we just saved Matt's toe!

-unlike Bumbles, babies do not bounce!

-a bout of food poisoning can really take off the vacation pounds quickly.

-it can also make you feel like crap through the one day of perfect weather...blagh!

-i owe my hubby big time for letting me rest and for this laugh..."poor mommy! all of the hangover and none of the fun of being drunk!"

-tub bath/room service in jammies/movie night is an awesome way to wrap up a great trip!

-matt just bought me the best "1st post-sickness meal" ever for the ride to the airport

-this is not what you want to see while waiting for your flight home...

-this either!


tracie @ tsj photography said...

definitely worth the wait!! i'm so glad you guys had a great time {despite the "hangover"}!

love all the photos and "tweets" and i'm especially squishy over the photo of jack and ej sleeping!!

Leslie said...

Best. Blog. Post. EVER!!!! Love the Twitter format!! (Perhaps if I did all of my blog posts in Tweetspeak, I might actually blog!) Loved all of the cute photos -- man, your kids are adorable!! So glad you had a wonderful vacay (minus the icky sickies!)

Karri said...

Great trip report! It looks like it was a blast. I am still dying from that photo of Livi cracking up on the lounge chair.

Jackie said...

I loved this blog and hearing all about the little things of vaca. Makes me want to pack everyone up and head to Mexico (except with a tip to avoid the food poisoning please :) So glad you guys had such fun family so important!

Brigitte Short said...

Ohhh Heather....what an awesome trip and those pictures!!! Makes me miss my mexico trip even more!!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. And that drink looks sooo yummy!!! (not the canned ones - sorry!! ; ) Miami Vice...ahhh yes, pina colada & strawberry Daiquirie no booze...that was always Bradley's order at the swim up bar! hehe
Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Matty Matt w/ Batteries Recharged said...

I want to go back already! Kinda weird that your blog is the first place I've seen some of these pictures.

humbled hubby said...

By the way, thanks for putting all these photos together and posting on this site! I appreciate the sleep you sacrified!

beckley said...

great trip! great photos! so fun!

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