Dinosaur Train

Oh how my kids love to watch PBS. The shows are so good and there is much more going on that just Sesame Street these days (although there is nothing wrong with watching the Street). Clifford, Maya & Miquel, Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, Word Girl, Super Why...I could go on! Oh wait...actually have I mentioned how much we all love the new Electric Company??

Anyway, should I get to the point? Dinosaur Train! We LOVE this show!!! The kids love it because they learn all about dinosaurs...and every episode the main character Buddy (the t-rex shown below) develops & tests a hypothesis (big deal to Jack) and a paleontologist (a "real one" according to Jack) talks about the dinosaurs featured on that show. I like it because the dinosaurs shown below with Buddy? Those are his sisters and brother (Tiny, Shiny & Don).

I love that this show talks about adoption without the basis of every show being adoption. I love that they discuss the differences and similarities between them. I love that the Pteranodon siblings look different from each other too. I love that in an episode we watched recently, a T-Rex friend came to visit them and the show was about how Tiny felt left out because she was different.

But most of all I love this show because it depicts a family like ours (so what if they're dinosaurs right?)
beckley said...

we LOVE this show for a zillion reasons. when jackson wasn't in school, it was something he looked forward to. we don't have a DVR anymore, so he can rarely see it.

i hadn't picked up on those things (i used the time to get stuff done once i had previewed it!), but i sure am glad that's the case! PBS kids is SO great with healthy social concerns; we've been really grateful for that!

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