First Day of Preschool

So you might be asking...Why start a kid in school in January (when she is only 2 1/2)? Doesn't even make sense. Oh I definitely agree, but let's all think back to last Spring when I was about 8 months pregnant and EJ decided that was the ideal time for her to start potty-training (cause I thoroughly enjoyed all the up/down action involved with helping her with that). When this girl decides to do something, she has her mind set! In this case we went to visit the preschool the week before Christmas...she didn't even follow us on the tour, just joined right in. So...we signed her up.

She picked out her outfit last night and asked Jack if she could use his turtle backpack (the one she plays school with all the time) for her first day (inside she has shoes, paperwork & a Hello Kitty lunch bag all set with her clementine for snack). She was beyond ready to go!

Seriously look how excited she is! (and again, can everyone please take a moment to remember that I had to quit my job because she hated daycare so much! this one has got to be ready before she does anything, but when she is ready...get out of her way!)

I'd like to say that she cared even the littlest bit about me dropping her off, but I actually had to remind her to give me a kiss good-bye (heck, to even say good-bye). She had a BLAST! Here she is telling me all about it at lunch (she couldn't stop smiling)!

And our first piece of "school art"...can't wait for tons more!

So this morning it was just me & Olivia running errands, making dinner, hanging out and it was quiet, but a lot of fun too! I think this school time will be good for both EJ and me, but please remind me to enjoy just one for awhile if you hear me talking about going back to work or having another kid (I tend to think it's too easy when I just have one around)!
Leslie said...

Wow! Miss EJ seems to have a streak of determination in that tiny little body!! :-) I'm so glad she enjoyed her Big Kid day!! (Can you have her talk to Meg & Ry, who are not nearly so keen on school as they used to be!!) Enjoy your time with sweet Liv!!

lisa said...

I like a woman that knows what she wants, good for EJ!

P.S. She is way too cute!

kristin said...

She's quite the gal!
And a budding artist, too. The picture . . . a penguin, Prez Obama, ??

Anonymous said...

what can i say that hasn't been said... she sure isn't too cool for school, apparently it's right up her life's path :) good job, hope you were okay with the separation knowing how happy she was!!


Amy Schaal said...

Too cute!

beckley said...

and hi again!!!

yes, lots in common. just back from colorado mountains where i didn't have email. slowly getting into life again. which reminds me i should sleep =)

jackson has that same backpack =) love that one! and btw, we were at target yesterday and he had to make sure i knew which water bottle is the one jack has. he sure loves him!

and i meant to tell you- i love your haircut! and that you gave your hair away! and that your daughter is so fierce with ideas- love that!

congrats on a few minutes with one.
and one day, we'll have to talk guatemala. gua, right? we have a partnership with gua city and residents outside the dump.

okay, sleep. but i wanted to get back. and i couldn't pull your email for some reason.


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