Guest Post: Crystal Snowflakes

I found the perfect craft for our kiddos, a recipe for crystal snowflakes! involved measuring, boiling water, patience...not my strong suit! So I passed the recipe on to Matt and watched from the sidelines! Take it away Matt...

Will do!

This was a nice, quick indoor activity that was perfect for a cold January day. Most of the setup was a little two intricate for the 2 year old, but with help she did fine. First the items needed: Pipe cleaner, string, Borax, scissors, pencil. The instructions said to use white pipe cleaner. We only had enough white for one snowflake so we used pink (guess who chose that color?!) for the other.

You want to start with 3 pieces of pipe cleaner each about 5 inches long. Due to limited materials, we made ours about 3-4 inches and I can see where 5 would have worked better. Twist the pieces at the center so they look like a wheel sprocket. Then take 6 pieces each about 1 1/2 inches long. Twist them onto the end of each sprocket.

Tie a string onto an end and make a loop on the other end. Thread the pencil through the loop so the snowflake hangs from it.

Focused adult supervision (which is my specialty!) was needed for this step given the involvement of boiling water. Fill a container with boiling water and Borax. Put in 3 tablespoons of Borax per cup of water. Stir until the Borax disappears. The container needs to be large enough to suspend the snowflake inside without touching any of the sides.

Place the pencil over the top of the container with the snowflake suspending in the boiling water. Leave for about 8 hours.

This is when the "magic" occurred. The Borax formed crystals on the pipe cleaner making the finished snowflake!

Below are pictures of the finished products. I thought the pink pipe cleaner actually turned out better. I liked the color showing through the crystals. The kids had fun, were definitely excited to show off their snowflakes and want to do more with different colors! Maybe next time I'll also tell the kids more about the science behind it. The scientific explanation always makes any craft more fun, right?

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super cute craft!!!!

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