Hook & Needle with Mom

The vacation pics post is not up today as I had planned because I spent the day with my Mom working on learning a VERY simple knit and crochet pattern to make some scarves for Craft Hope. I didn't do as badly as I thought I would (read complete and total failure) on the knitting, but of course Mom was there to bail me out. Here is where I am now (be prepared for the worst photos ever...sorry)...

See how the needles are kind of crossed in the center? That's cause she left...I knitted two rows and...trouble! I got the loops off back to the problem Mom (I know you're proud), but the problem itself? I'm gonna need help again! :-)

So then I went back to the crocheted scarf we started. It isn't going too badly actually...I only stopped cause it was time to pick up Jack from his playdate.

Yes, I can see that my edges are not right at all, but for some reason I'm okay with that. Maybe because I will send this thing away and never see it again...or maybe cause Mom said something about putting an edging on the sides. Either way, I'm just happy I haven't screwed up the middle like I kept doing when Mom was here.

Here's the thing though...right now these are both the size of my hand (at best). Mom says I have to make them almost as long as I am tall. This may take awhile! :-)

Thanks again for all the help, patience and laughs today Mom...you rock!
Anonymous said...

Patience my dear. You are doing fine. The edges don't matter as if will be trimmed anyway. Looks like you have the extra yarn thing on the right hand side again....could that be your problem?? Quick fix...maybe your knitting friend can get it out for you.

Leslie said...

Okay, I suck at un-knitting . . . but I think you've going to have to do some. Your "working" yarn should also be where your needles cross. (Does that make sense?) We should have a knitting day sometime. (Although I'm not sure how much knitting would actually get done . . .)

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