Red Scarf Project

You guys remember when I said I wanted to learn to crochet right? My Mom showed me a few months ago but it's so easy to put something like that on the backburner if you don't have an actual project to work on. Well, I found an awesome project and if you happen to be knit or crochet, you might want to join me!

It's the Orphan Foundation of America's Red Scarf Project and I learned all about it from this awesome site called Craft Hope (you should check them out if you have a chance). Each year 25,000 students age out of the foster care system and Orphan Foundation assists them with college scholarships, mentors & internships, and care packages. They started the Red Scarf Project in 2005 and send them in Valentine's Day care packages to their college students.

photo courtesy of craft hope

Craft Hope is partnering with Orphan Foundation as their latest project and would like scarves completed by February 14th. They even have a free pattern (but my Mom says it's too hard for me, so she's making me an easy beginner pattern to make my scarf from). You can read all about their project here, but I will include the basic shipping/packaging information below!

So who's in??? I start next week!

(from Craft Hope)

As the Orphan Foundation collects many scarves please be sure to include a note saying it’s from you and Craft Hope. That’s the best way for them to keep a tally of what the Craft Hope community has sent in. Also, in your return address please put Craft Hope under your name so that the sorters can put them all together.

The deadline for this project is Valentines Day, February 14th!

Please send your completed scarves to:

Orphan Foundation of America
The Red Scarf Project
21351 Gentry Drive
Sterling, VA 20166

And to give me a general idea of how many people will be participating in this project please leave a comment (on Craft Hope's post) to let me know that you’ll be making a scarf, or two, or twenty.

Karri said...

Ok, I am in. I like charitible knitting. Fun! And anything to keep me from doing the stuff I actually bought yarn and patterns for. heh.

beckley said...

wow. that's really cool.

i used to knit. i should look for those needles...

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