We've been through several chore chart systems in Jack's short lifetime. One helped introduce him to chores. Then when he did the chores, but slowly, we started a chart of what to do & when to do it. Lately the kids have been really good about getting the things done that they need to do. And they don't really whine for stuff either. They love stickers and tattoos, but if they get them and don't put them on right away, they forget about them. Jack likes to play wii, but only asks from time to time. I lucky am I, right?

So, lately I'd been thinking about ways I could tie the "chore" part of life in with the "reward" part of life. How could I get them (especially Jack) to feel good about the chores they've done as well as help them to "earn" the rewards and make those little things more special?

The first thing I saw that caught my eye was this one. Laurel gives her kids 10 technology tickets a week. Each gets them 1/2 hour of time on wii, watching a dvd, etc. She & her husband reserve the right to say no even if a child has a ticket and they also have "reward" tickets they give out at their discretion. Plus how cute is her board?

While I love this idea, I don't think it would work for us. One because my kids aren't always begging for technology time (we are seriously busy here...time FLIES by in the evening before bed) and also because it sets limits but doesn't account for "work" the kids have done.

Soon after, I learned about the site My Job Chart through this really great post from Home Spun Threads. I'm going to use a couple of her screen shots to explain it a bit, but basically it is EXACTLY the system I was looking for. Your child logs in to see their list of chores and amount of points they receive for completing the chores. Also, it's set up really well so you can not only organize them by time of day, you can also add in extra jobs that occur maybe weekly, or every few days.

And then they can also look at a listing of rewards and choose right from there how to spend (or save) their points. Whenever they do anything in the system, you get an email notification.

So what was my problem now? Jack is young and has limited access to MY computer. I wanted this to be something he could access whenever he wanted. I also wanted EJ to be able to start getting the whole concept of chores on her own.

So...don't you love it when stuff just falls in your lap? I was already starting this post (again, just links & stuff, but it was being formulated darn in) and I get a package of happy mail from my friend Leslie. She was supposed to be sending me a disc of photos, but guess what else she included? Three chore chart systems she had lying around that she thought my kids might want to use! And they were a perfect fit to my dilemma too! Thank you Les!

So here are ours set up for action...they've now been in use for about 2 days and so far, so good! The kids do the jobs on their hooks and at the end of the day we go through and count how many tags are in the "I did it" box and how many tokens go in their cups. I also made it clear that I will give extra tokens if I see them do a good job without being asked (Jack got one tonight for playing with Olivia, because she was crying, while I gave EJ a bath) and that I will also take them away for bad behavior (EJ lost one today for another 1.5 hour lunch...i'll try anything to speed her up). Jack knows exactly how many tokens are in his cup at all times and already has a list of things he wants to buy (his big ticket wish item? living room picnic)...EJ might need some coaching on the purchasing part.

Oh and an interesting side note...Matt & I have both been trying to work with EJ on counting and it has just been such a losing battle. We know that she "gets it" but she has just been so stubborn. We either get her favorite response "i don't know" or "1, 2, 6"...turns out she needed some motivation. Tonight she counted out her cards & her tokens, no trouble at all. She had eleven cards!
Leslie said...

oh, yay!! :-) I'm so glad that they're working for you! When you posted about Jack keeping track of your treadmill miles, I had a feeling this system might appeal to him.

Gotta say, though . . . that little clipboard system at the top of your post made me gasp a little! So pretty!!! (Why am I an office supply junkie!?)

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

okay, first of all ... lookie who got a new blog makeover?!?! LOVE IT!! :)

second ... brilliant chore charting!

third ... my favorite number of all time {in the learning to count scheme} ... twentyteen ;)

Leslie said...

How did I miss the blog makeover?! It's brilliant! Love it. Now I need a new one, too! LOL. (Oh wait, then I'd actually have to blog, right?!)

Jackie said...

JEALOUS!! I have been trying to find something that will work just like that computer one as well. Need to adapt from there too. Thanks for the info, you are always so good with this kind of stuff!!

sad and dejected old man said...

EJ told me she needs to give me hug tomorrow. I said she can give me a hug anytime. But tomorrow she gets credit from the chore chart. Ouch.

Karri said...

Cute new blog!

We do something very similar and it works well. The kids get 'x' tickets per chore (pre-determined on a chart) and then can purchase rewards for a pre-determined amt. of tickets (also on a chart).

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