couple random thoughts

Don't really have anything to pull all this stuff together, but wanted to share anyway...welcome to my brain dump!

Yesterday while i was cleaning, Olivia got stuck under a dining room chair (I think she was taking moving to table foods very seriously & trying to clean up some of EJ's spills for me). Today, I found her here...

Oh and she was only all smiles AFTER I got the camera...before that, there was screaming. You know, the kind of screaming that gets a waiter to give your table a free cookie because your baby won't shut up (and not screaming like anything is wrong either...just for the heck of it)...Oh yeah, that happened to us on Sunday...I felt really bad for the guy. The big kids hope it happens again!

Also, Liv wore this shirt today...

I'm pretty sure this was Wynter's shirt originally, so that means Liv is the 4th gorgeous and powerful chick to rock this tee!

My quest for those candy hearts has not been a successful friend Jackie thought she had seen them, but they weren't there when she went back. She did return with a container of fruit slices for me though.

umm yeah...well the container was full. Thank you Jackie! They were yummy!

But then today, Karri found some for me (and delivered them right to my door)...YAY!

You'll be surprised to know that I only ate about 1/4 of the bag today! Thank goodness i'm running again after all this sugar (but they are so good and for some reason I was craving them SO badly!). And yes, I know I am crazy...

I mean, what kind of crazy person would actually take the time to separate the pink marshmallows for a project? (more on this at a later post)

This week Jack has had a flurry of incoming postcard mail. He gets so excited when each he got one from my brother and after reading it, gushing about how "awesome" Uncle D can draw, and showing it to everyone in the house, he said "I'll just go add it to my big stack of mail!" I promise, he'll write back soon (probably after he gets his Valentines in order)!

{a little explanation on the right is Jack (missing his teeth as they had just fallen out) thinking about doing his next magic act, bottom right is Jack wondering where our winter snow is (obviously it has arrived) and bottom left? my bro asked Jack what his favorite animal was. Jack said a snow leopard (actually matt's favorite, but whatever) and EJ answered for Jack "probably a monkey," so D combined the two}

Olivia rocked her long johns to bed the other night.

Of course I got home last night and she was wearing something else...when I asked Matt why, he said the label said explicitly that they were not to be used as sleepwear. He does admit that this is the only label he has ever read EVER, but thinks "there must be a reason" he chose to read this particular label and (in his words) he "avoided disaster here!" Whatever!!!

I'm really liking this paper heart garland I made today (template here). The spring-y colors are cheering me up on this snowy day (wish I had a photo that wasn't wonky, but I didn't think to take one until after dark).

Hope everyone has a great day today! Ignore the snow and focus on Spring coming...soon, right?
Jackie said...

and I was so close to getting you an even bigger bag of the cherry fruit slices (that I found on my next sendik's trip) but you've been rescued!! hooray! Ok, Karri...where were they?? I am dying to know (partly because after all this talk, I might want some :)

heather said...

I totally forgot to say that she found them at Walgreen's! Yes, of all the places I looked, I didn't check the store two blocks from my house. Seriously??? Thanks again to both of you for hooking me up!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

how cute is little livie!?!?

southern daze said...

LOVE the heart garland!

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