Cozy slippers

Do you have a favorite pair of slippers? I tend to bounce around from pair to pair (and let's be honest, 90% of the time I'm barefoot...cold weather or not). But last week a couple friends were discussing why they LOVED their slippers and it got me to browsing around tonight (you know online shopping instead of getting stuff favorite time waster).

I'm pretty sure if I had these, I would never leave the house!

Maybe it's good that I don't...I've got errands to run & kids to pick up right?
Jackie said...

I want those!!!!!!!!! where are they from?

first of all...I love slippers and wear them constantly in my frigid house (have them on right now!) but I am kind of picky about the ones I like best and that style is my favorite and those are super cute...I think I'd even wear those at other people's houses too :)

heather said... on the pic for the link. they are Uggs.

Karri said...

of course they are cute -- they are $80 slippers!! they do look heavenly.
i am a slipper lover. i have winter slippers and summer slippers. i cannot handle having bare feet (naked feet? yes. bare feet? no).

southern daze said...

I'm looking for a pair myself and those Uggs are adorable!

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