Easy-Peasy Calendars

Back in December, Tracie posted about this gorgeous calendar post she saw on Creature Comforts. Seriously cute right?

And it looks super easy too, so yours truly opens her big mouth and says that while she is busy with the holiday frenzy, she's sure she can make them up in January. How hard can it be to make a set for me and one for Tracie? Oh, and one for Lisa too (who chimed in a little later that she really liked them too)?

In the end, it was in fact simple...just a bit time consuming. The free downloads and instructions are all on the post...right here! So you print the pages out on 8.5x11 card stock (both sides), then cut them out. I used my big cutter to do the outer edges and then was working with a straight-edge & x-acto and really getting nowhere fast (you have to cut the sides leaving a tab to fold in to make the pocket). Anyway at some point I decided to just attempt cutting that portion with scissors and it not only worked well, but about 50 times faster too! Yay! Fold in the sides and tape the pocket. After that all that is left is hole-punching the top and adding ribbon if you'd like.

So here is one of my finished calendars...

I wanted each month to be a different color and I wanted all three calendars to be the same, so choices of colors were limited, but I think it came out well. Each month has a different ribbon too and many are laid out so that adding a photo would be a really simple & cute addition.

I tried to "tie" the ribbons differently as I could. The calendar is actually made to be hung with a push pin (either through the hole or through the ribbon loop), so the ribbon is really more decoration than function.

So I have two calendars all packaged and ready to take on our trip. I think T and Lisa thought I was kidding, but of course I was serious! Hope they like them!!!

Oh and that third calendar? I can always finish that one over next weekend right?
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

thank you, thank you for remembering to make these calendars!!!!! i love mine and can't wait to hang it!!

i also LOVE the paper flowers!! how cute are they!?! i know lisa loved it!

AND ... oh my word! did your baby grow up overnight? teeth and a crawling machine? ;)synfic

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