Enjoy...month two

Isn't that so cute? It was my birthday present from Jackie, who said the choices on etsy were limitless for my "enjoy" year. I think she made the right choice! And it will definitely help me to focus on enjoying what is going on around me!

One thing I always enjoy are my awesome kiddos. I walked out of my shower on my birthday morning to find my three kiddos sitting in a row each holding their flower. What a sweet surprise...and gift. I'm thankful to Matt for bringing out his crafty, inventive side to help the kids create these and I'm thrilled to have these gorgeous flowers looking at me from the dining room table all day!

Today I'm off to relax and enjoy a few days with some of my favorite mamas! I'm very thankful to everyone in my 'hood for helping me out so this mama could go too! I owe you big time!
Jackie said...

Happy to help, anytime!! That's what 'hood friends are for :)

Enjoy!! your time away!

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