Heart Crayon Valentines

This year I said a big no to the store-bought Valentine! They seem to get smaller (and lamer) every year and doing homemade ones wasn't too bad last year (we did a heart cutout with a pencil/arrow through it), so I figured what the heck? So I did what any brainstorming mom would do and picked my favorite Valentine that Jack received last year...the crayon heart! Now I will fully admit I am copying Karri's idea from last year but since I (Jack) decided to do them, I have seen them on so many blogs that I hope everyone else doesn't decide to do them too.

Okay, so the first thing you have to do is take the paper wrappers off your crayons. We used broken crayons, restaurant crayons, random out of the box crayons...and, I must admit, a couple boxes of cheap crayons so we had enough. After unwrapping about 30 crayons with my fingernails, I finally realized I could cut down the side with an x-acto knife. So much easier and no worries on the crayon damage, cause you're melting it! Duh!

I snapped the crayons in bigger pieces then, but still wanted to get them smaller, so chopped them up into smaller bits with a packing knife. While I wanted to protect the Craigslist table (why i don't know...i mean we bought it so we could use it & wreck it unlike the nice table that now lives in the basement), I should not have used my self-healing mat (even the backside) as now it is coated in crayon bits. Guess I have a clean-up job for another day...

Here are the bits after I cut them all down. This step was the longest and most annoying (especially because Jack asked me if I was done every two minutes), but worth it so the crayons would melt evenly.

To make the heart-shape, we used silicone ice cube trays I bought at IKEA last summer (you may remember me using them for this project). EJ, Jack & I all did some so there was a lot of variance in style. After you have them set, you need to put them in the oven on like 200-250 degrees for 8-10 minutes. I saw varying temps and timing all over the web, but this is what we did...

This is a batch starting to cool. I had some issues with the melting timing and stuff (very well could have just been our whack oven though). One batch melted completely on me and so just blended into one color...other batches looked completely un-melted in the middle but were soup on the outside so I pulled them out anyway. Oddly, most still looked pretty cool on the top side (that you can't see), so I guess I shouldn't have stressed about it.

And here is a line up of some of our finished heart crayons. It's funny cause the ones I did/like the best are the ones with variances of the same colors (like the orange at the bottom left) or the green/blue one next to it. Jack favorites are more crazy...like the middle right one. It's not pictured here but there was one that I thought was awful! Seriously tons of weird, muddy colors...big patches of brown...I wasn't sure what we would even do with it. And right as I was thinking that, Jack picked it up and showed it to Matt. He said it was his absolute favorite one!

So here is where my own spin on this idea comes in. I had seen a couple different ideas for the cards to attach the crayons to and wasn't sure what to do. Most had cute sayings and I thought the "You color my world" sentiment was cute, not too lovey (given that a boy is giving these) and good for both boys and girls to receive. And then I "got it"...paint chip samples! Perfect to go along with the color idea, free, and the perfect size too. For the most part I stuck with the kid's paint lines, so a lot of the color names were "princess" or "bubblegum" or something equally cute.

A special "Brewers colors" heart for Jack's "pretty as a princess" teacher!

Overall easy, a bit time consuming, but cute & actually something fun for the kids for Valentine's Day that isn't candy. And I mean, who doesn't want to melt crayons on a Friday night?

Oh and those fish trays you might have spotted above?

Those may reappear at a certain little girl's birthday party next month...stay tuned!
Leslie said...

The sharing of the brain is getting ridiculous!! *WE* made heart crayon valentines, too!!! Meg wanted them, so we made hers first . .. and then when Reilly saw them he ditched his plans and went with those, too. Great way to get rid of the pile of broken crayons we've been amassing for years!!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

super cute!! i've been wanting to just do the generic part of this craft {not use for anything in particular} and when les mentioned yesterday they were using it for a vday ... thought that was brilliant {hadn't seen it for vday before}.

so cute ... love it!!

Karri said...

Super cute!!!! I love the paint chip idea, too.

Jackie said...

I knew you'd do something super cool for valentines!! but adding that paint chip put it over the top! Very cute! I so wanted to do homeade valentines this year but a certain Star Wars lover was a little obsessed... maybe I can get the little one to agree :)

Morgan said...

What a cute idea! I like how you used paint chips with it. Very creative.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

How funny!

LOOOOVE your paint chip idea.

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