Jack turns 6!

So, I'm starting to plan EJ's birthday party, which means I am almost 6 months behind in posting Jack's 6th birthday party. In fact, this post was originally drafted (if you want to call a title and one link a draft) on 9/20/09...I'm a little behind!

For those of you that know Jack, you know that he was planning his baseball themed party the day after his 5th birthday cooking party ended. He may be a bit of a baseball junkie (who may also be pushing for the same theme for his 7th birthday right now). We wanted to do a party at home, as he's still young enough that an actual baseball game with his friends wasn't a possibility (but I am storing it as a future idea), and just keep the theme baseball.

It all started with the perfect invitation! I had a great idea in my head of what I wanted, but to actually design it, I called on the assistance of my amazing friend Nellie (you can see more of her stuff & contact her here). She took my ticket and logo idea and just blew me away! Thank you for always taking my lame ideas and making them so cool Nellie.

The main thing I planned for the party entertainment was a bounce house (that took up our entire city-sized backyard). I figured a two-hour party with time for treats, that will be fine. I didn't think it would be 80 degrees in mid-September, that one of Jack's friends would have an arm cast slowing him down and that injuries were also a possibility. Luckily we had a couple other things (like bubbles & sidewalk chalk) to keep the kids busy, but it was still touch and go at times.

Each of the kids got a t-shirt that we dyed yellow (Jack's favorite color) and ironed on a "Jack's 6th Season" logo on the front. However we set up an Autograph Station for Jack's t-shirt and each child at the party signed the back of Jack's shirt with a Sharpie. All these months later and it is still one of his favorite things to wear!

We also had a small art station set up (and now I'm realizing how few photos I took of this party...ugh!) where the kids used foam letter & sports ball stickers to decorate a felt pennant. When they were completed, we hung them on a line along our fence which made a fun decoration for the party too.

The last activity we had was a baseball pinata. Because of the time of day and where I was standing, my photos of the kids taking shots at it are not the best, but...I couldn't resist sharing this one of Matt taking out his frustrations on the indestructible pinata I bought!

Because I wanted to keep everyone outside, I decided to do a simple treat (in other words, I didn't want to mess around with cutting & serving cake) for the kids. I made circle rice krispie treats and sugar cookies, covered them with white royal icing and used red frosting to make the "seams" of a baseball on each one. (Just a note that I sent sugar cookies as Jack's school treat and on those I used shoestring licorice for the seams...worked TONS easier!)

And after the treats, the kids enjoyed some ice cream in a baseball helmet bowl (they took me ages to track down online, but were totally worth it given the super hot day). We also had Bazooka gum, wax coke bottles, licorice whips, and chocolate foil baseballs on the tables.

When the party was over, each kid was sent home with a goodie bag filled with lots of fun baseball themed goodies too. These were probably my favorite part of the whole party actually and I received word that on his way home one of the boys told his Mom that I "rocked." You gotta love that!

The thank you notes for the party were just as fun as the invitation. Nellie designed them to look like a baseball and I printed them on round cardstock. I scanned Jack's actual handwriting of his name to use in the design too. So this was the front...

And then on the back of the card, I printed this photo of all the kids at the party. I saw it on a friend's fridge over the holidays and couldn't stop smiling!

Jack asked for donations of sports balls for a local organization that has extensive after school programs for kids. He was very proud of the contributions from his friends and asked me to take this photo of him with the donations before we took them to the home. I was proud that he was willing to "give up" gifts from his friends and that he was proud of what he had collected. I am also very proud that his example has led to his little sister wanting (almost expecting) to do the same thing for her upcoming party...I have some very giving children!

After our friends went home, it was time for our family to come over for dinner, cake and some smaller kid bouncing time. Miss EJ was the first one in after naptime ended!

And Jack actually got a cake that night too (I am no cake decorator my friends!).

One more cake on Jack's actual birthday evening (note he insisted on wearing the shirt again). My friend Jackie had to make a cake for a school event and so made a second and decorated it as a baseball for Jack. A great surprise (that totally saved the momma who had no cake planned for that night)!

And of course, since the party has been over, I have seen SO many great baseball themed parties that I wish I could have seen (and possibly stolen ideas from) before Jack's birthday. You can check a few out here and here.
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

loved this party!! and the invite was crazy creative ... well, as was the whole party! so glad we could be a part of it! can't wait to see what ej comes up with. :)

Sadie said...

I especially love the shirts for all the attendees and the signed shirt for Jack. Gavin got a bowling pin that all the kids signed; I need to remember to organize things like that for future parties. Great keepsakes!

Look forward to seeing what you come up with for EJ--will she be 3?

Karri said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this!!!! aidan is having a baseball themed party in march and i have been hunting down ideas! where did you find the hats?????

Jackie said...

Definitely a party that was well remembered in my house!! Oh yea and thanks for making all the rest of us moms have a HUGE standard to live up to for bdays :) Seeing as we have one a month after EJ's, I'm a little scared :)

you know I'm just super super jealous of your awesome creativity!! :)

Unknown said...

very cute! I especially love the invites and pendants!

hugs! Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
party inspiration

Lindy said...

I know this was almost a year ago, but I love it. So creative and you can't beat a Cardinals jersey!

Laura said...

I am researching ideas and products for my son's 1st birthday party in June. We are huge St. Louis Cardinals fans so we're having a tailgate birthday party for family & friends at our home from 4-6pm with the game kicking off at 6:15. He's not quite walking yet so no bounce house or pinatas for us yet. I love the "team shirt" idea with the autographs; will defintely have to remember that for when he's older. We're ordering our invitations from a seller on ebay. They look like a game ticket and they just email the file to you. I can't wait!
Karri - I found the mini helmets on amazon.com, a 4-pack for $3.49 + shipping.

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