Lacing Heart Card

I was prepping this heart lacing card as a craft activity for Jack's school Valentine's Day party and decided it would be a great thing to share. It's simple and easy (when you're not prepping for 25 kids), would be a sweet Valentine for grandparents (Jack's classmates are making them for mom & dad), and also you could make them into all different shapes for any occasion or holiday (shamrock, Easter egg, Christmas tree, etc). What's not to like?

So you begin with printing large heart outlines on colored cardstock (mine measured 7.5" across) and then smaller heart outlines on white paper (mine were 5.5" across). You basically want to be sure that the smaller heart will fit inside the larger one with enough margin (about 0.5" at the smallest point) to make the holes. You can either use the computer and print the outlines or draw them by hand...whatever works best for you. So you cut them out...

And then adhere the white paper to the cardstock. I used spray adhesive as I figured it would be most durable, but you could really use any dry adhesive (glue stick, double-sided tape). Then take a hole punch (mine is your standard office type...I think 1/4"?) and punch an even number of holes around the heart (I ended up with 26)'s important that you have an even number so you can tie the ends together to finish.

Your final prep work is the yarn. Based on the size heart I used, I ended up cutting 36-38" lengths of yarn, but you would just need to estimate what you need and cut accordingly. Wrap masking tape around one end to reinforce the yarn and serve as a "needle" for the kids.

That is all the prep I did for Jack's school, but obviously they are working with a time limit. If you were doing this at home with your child, they could do any of the above steps you felt comfortable with...cutting the hearts, measuring/cutting the yarn, etc.

To lace the card, the child should start from the front at the bottom of the card and work their way all the way around the heart shape ending on the other side at the bottom (again in the front). Then you can tie a bow with the excess from both sides and trim the ends to look nice/remove the tape (obviously I didn't do that for this one as I was just testing the length of the yarn and undid it after this pic).

Finally the child can decorate the white heart however they would like...they can write a note, draw a picture, etc. You could even add their photo to the center for a personalized touch. And if you've got a big writer (like Jack), the back is blank and usable too!