Mini Notebooks

Need a mini notebook? For your keep a little one busy...just because? Well I've got some easy instructions for you. Inspired by this (well let's be honest, I just used their idea completely), I set to work using the remaining paint chip samples I had collected for our Valentine's Day cards.

First I cut the cards down to 3 x 4.75" - I didn't pick this size for any specific reason, just thought it looked like the right size, so feel free to pick whatever dimensions you'd prefer. The paint chip samples serve as your cover so you need 2 per notebook. Then I cut down some white computer paper to the same size. I put about 8-10 sheets inside each one.

Once you have a notebook put together, paperclip each side to keep the sheets aligned (I used bigger paperclips to really hold it tight). Then using a ruler along the top edge (to keep them in a straight line), make pencil marks every so often along the top where you want to make holes. Mine ended up being about every half inch, but I didn't mark them precisely or anything...just free-handed what I thought looked okay. (And can someone remind me not to take photos on my old, ugly couches again please? Ugh!)

Using a 1/16" hole punch, make holes at each of your marks. Then I used a tapestry needle (mine was probably an 18) and some craft embroidery thread (i.e. the cheaper stuff I buy for the kid's projects) to sew the binding. I used a simple blanket stitch that anyone can do...

Sew through the far left hole leaving a small tail and tie a knot at the top of the notebook. Then bring your needle from the back to the front in the second hole (don't pull tight yet). This will leave a loop of thread above the notebook as shown below.

Bring your needle through that loop and pull tight. Continue doing the same thing down the row.

This will create the stitch below. It doesn't need to be pretty for this project, just able to hold the booklet together. When you reach the end of the row, complete the same stitch in the last hole and then tie a knot at the top of the notebook. Trim the ends of both tails and you're done.

These are some of the notebooks I made this afternoon. I made about 25 of them and added a sticker to the front of each one to finish them off. Why you ask?

Because on Friday, Matt and I are headed in to Jack's class to talk about geocaching as a family. It's the finale to Jack's VIP week and we have to go in to talk about "something interesting." I sure hope the 5 & 6 year olds find this of interest! So I'm giving each of them a notebook and...

We're going to hide two "caches" in the classroom and pick a couple kids to find them. Jack wants to put stickers inside so the kids who find them will get a sticker (of course all I have is Dora and Cars in the house...hope that flies with everyone).

I put a magnet strip on the film canister so we're planning to hide that on the wall or a cabinet and the metal case will probably go on a bookshelf or something. Normally they wouldn't be marked with a bright sticker, but we're trying to make it a little easier for the kids. And once we decide where they are going to be hidden, Matt is going to make up fake coordinates and a clue (like once an actual cache had the clue of "Para in Spanish" and the cache was on the back of a stop something on that order that will help them find it).

Okay so everyone cross your fingers Friday morning and hope we don't completely bomb. I so don't want to be the total nerd parents (that we truly are, but try to pretend we're not)!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

okay, i take back everything i said yesterday! ;)

these are awesome!!! you've done it again!

and seriously ... i don't think you'll come anywhere close to bombing with this vip finale!!! really? the kids are going to be ALL over this! complete with handmade notebooks ... ohmygoodness! how do i enroll in jack's class? ;)

Leslie said...

Dude. If my office mate wouldn't think me completely insane, I'd be down on my knees bowing to you and your blog right now. You are freakin' amazing. Of course, I knew you'd take the geocache idea and totally run with it -- but you OWNED it, my friend!! I want to go to school with Jack today, too!

Jackie said...

I think I'm glad we're not in the same class since our week is still coming up! Way to go! Awesome idea and project like always my friend!

beckley said...

jackson loooooved this. loved it!
so fun.

and i'm always trying to think of ideas for my old paint chips. so great.

you sure rocked the VIP week!!!
nice job!

3 across said...

WHOA, this is awesome!!!! So very cool, Heather!!

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