My "weekend" away

So I just returned from a few days away with my felt like a weekend even though it was relaxing! I ate a lot of super yummy food, talked a lot and spent a lot of time enjoying this lovely fire!

I arrived home Friday evening to an active house of mostly smiley kids. Big news up in here too...we have 4 new teeth arriving! Jack is getting his top middles again and Olivia is getting her 3rd & 4th teeth (top but not that weird to get the outer ones first? Because I kind of think it is!).

Also, there is this new stance...

...and movement! Hard to see the blur going by, but yes, Miss O is a crawling machine!!!
Anonymous said...

Crawling machine???She is a blurr that streaks past you and you wonder what it was and where it came from and where it went. Sure tuckers Gammy's out.

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