New look

This is my fun new purse I bought at Target tonight (we needed to kill time before our doctor visit and I decided to buy something fun along with the TP). The kids talked me into the blue color (I had been leaning towards a silver version) and I was planning to post a pic and ask for your opinion when I realized that if I put the flower from the table next to the purse I would almost have my new blog colors!

Yep, I got a new look here (so if you subscribe via a reader, click through for the full look)!

Thanks to Dionne and Tracie for the new look! And let me know what you think of the purse color...should I stay blue (I'd say IRL it's a darker version of Tiffany blue) or go dark silver? And yes, I know it's huge...I'm thinking this way I can combine purse and diaper bag into one super mom bag!
Anonymous said...

Love the blue purse. And I personally also like your new blue look you have. Silver is too ... blahhh and I'm thinking the darker blue would be too harsh. (maybe if I saw it). But I love what you have now. Just my opinion!!! ; )

Leslie said...

Love the blue . . . although my current purse is dark silver, and I totally love it, too! What would we do without Target, ey??

Cathy said...

The new look is awesome! So cute! :)

Jackie said...

Shocking...but my first reaction to the picture was, I want that purse! go figure. like the blue color for sure!! i might have to check out the silver one though (i mean so we don't have the same purses :)

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

love the purse color!! very you!

the flower's pretty and your blog is too.

and so are you!

and ... um ... and ... well, and i love you!

beckley said...

GREAT color!
and, yknow, it's the color or the year, i think :)

love the new blog look!

oh, and we did those crayon valentines 2 years ago, loved it and i've been waiting to do them again.
might do them for my daughter's class this year. still haven't figured out what to do for j & j's class. i fighting, "star wars" from the store- errgh.

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