Paper Flowers

When our friend Jessica was in the hospital towards the end of her battle with cancer, she was in a section where flowers (really a lot of things) were not allowed. I desperately wanted to bring her something cheery (as she was the epitome of cheery) and so I made up a vase of paper flowers for her. She loved them and I was so touched to see that vase among the things displayed at Jessica's memorial...all I can say is wow! Such a simple thing that touched her and her parents so much.

Since then I have tried to give paper flowers whenever I can and have made them several times for special people...most notably for a friend on a 3 month hospital bed rest stint and for my friend Marta as she started her cancer treatments (she kicked cancer's butt by the way!).

The flowers I made in the past were always of this type...

{image courtesy of Broadway Paper as I apparently never took photos of my own}

So remember my friend Lisa from yesterday's calendar post? Well, she may have seen Marta's flowers...and she may have asked me to make her flowers a couple times...and she may have a birthday coming up too actually (on Sunday)! so...she finally is getting her wish.

I found this tutorial for a different type of paper flower about six months ago and have just been waiting for the perfect time to make some for Lisa. They are actually more of origami and glue (versus the cutting and glue of the first type). I like making them a lot more actually and I think the look is pretty cool.

I made Lisa's bouquet in various pink designs. They are really a great way to use up smaller pieces of paper as each flower uses just five 3" square pieces of paper.

I was planning to give them to her in a small vase, but it just didn't look right...

So instead I wrapped the stems with ribbon to make a bouquet. I twisted the stems and then used craft glue to attach the ribbon to them. Again, waiting for the glue to dry was the slowest part (same for making the flowers).

I really hope she likes them! Happy Birthday Lisa!