Pencil Snack

For the finale day of Jack's VIP week, we are supposed to send a treat for the class. The has to be a healthy snack. Well everyone knows...that is not my strong suit, so it was going to take some searching for the perfect thing. Then after talking to T last week about her themed treat and book reading for Hunter's class, I really wanted to do something cool to go along with our geocaching talk with the kids.

So I started poking around the web and Family Fun had a really cute edible pencil snack, and it wasn't made of cookies, so I figured it was okay. You start with these ingredients (I subbed cream cheese for mustard and mini chocolate chips for the raisins):

Cut a slice of thick-sliced bologna (man that stuff is gross) into a circle. I used one of the many medicine syringes we have laying around here from ear infection meds and it made the perfect circle. Take a string cheese and attach the bologna circle to one end with cream cheese (or mustard in FF's directions). Then take a Bugle and break off some of the top (it won't come off even no matter what you do, but that's okay cause it almost works better) and jam it into the other side of the cheese so it sticks. FF says to stick half a raisin on the end, but it looked like it might not work and I already had mini chocolate chips on hand, so I just attached a chip to the end of the Bugle with cream cheese.

Okay so this is how they made it look (food stylists at work for sure)...

And this is how mine ended up (with the worst food photography ever)...

I think they came out okay and I hope the kids think they are cool. It's probably not something I will ever make again, but it was simple enough and I think they came out as well as they could have. Fingers crossed that they stay together until snack break!

Prologue: I just showed Matt one of the snacks and he asked me if it was an alligator. Perhaps I'm in more trouble than I thought I was! :-)
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

ohmyword!! this is perfect!!

and apparently matt had a hard day, cuz this looks nothing like an alligator!

and don't you hate those food stylist shots! :(

once again ... great job mom!! jack's gonna be the coolest VIP for sure!

Leslie said...

An alligator? Seriously, Matt . . . Looks like a fantastically awesome edible pencil to me!! You ARE a rockstar . . .

Jackie said...

Very cute and very appropriate, way to go! Perfect end to the VIP week!!

Mystery Reader said...

Hello, you don't know me but I stumbled across your blog. I like the snacks you made. Although I agree with "Matt" that it looks like an alligator. I showed the picture to my friends and they all guessed an alligator as well. That "Matt" guy must be very perceptive. Buy him a beer tonight!

beckley said...

and no you didn't.
and wow.
wow. and

mine are so going to suck in 2 weeks.

Karri said...

Those turned out awesome!! Very very cute!!!
I wonder how many kids know what the eraser was? Do people still eat bologna? lol.

Sadie said...

These are adorable (and look nothing like an alligator). I cruised around that website as well.

I thought your changes to the recipe made sense. How in the world would mustard hold a piece of bologna to a cheese stick?

LobotoME said...

those are so cute (even with the bologna).
J :)

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