There they go...

Well in all honesty, they left a few days ago, but I really pushed it to the limit on timing before I got them to the post office. I just couldn't get my last scarf done (too focused on other projects) and so I didn't spend the time I had planned to on making the final packaging super cute. Just a string of red yarn wrapped around each scarf with a tag saying who made it, where we are from and good luck.

So, in total we sent 11 scarves to the Orphan Foundation project through Craft Hope...not too shabby! One from Karri, two from me and 8 from my mom (yeah she kind of rocks)!!! Hope the recipients don't notice my mistakes! :-)

Seriously Mom was an awesome teacher and I think I actually "got it" this time (I've tried before and it's been a disaster!)...YAY! It was nice to have something that I could do in the living room while the kids were working on other projects or in front of the tv while Matt works/studies after kids are in bed. And yep, I'm already planning my next project...I'm excited!

Maybe this print speaks the truth for me?