Two steps to independence

EJ has been pushing so hard to do things herself for the last few months, and we would have loved to let her go for it, but we had one problem. This house was not made for a short kid! Even with a step stool, she still has been unable to reach even the water in the sink, so has needed help very time. And she hates that!

Well, this weekend we asked for a loaner stool from Auntie has two steps so we were hoping it would give EJ the height she needed. Voila! EJ can now go to the bathroom BY HERSELF!!! Can you see how excited she is?

And let's be honest for a minute here, I am thrilled! I can actually do other things when EJ has to go to the make lunch or feed Olivia. I'm giddy just thinking about it! I estimate that is at least 5 less hand washings a day for me too...perhaps my skin will even return from it's current cracked, snakelike, dry appearance? A girl can dream right???
Jackie said...

I feel your excitement...we are so so close!! My hands need the independence too :) although I did find some halfway decent creams (but you have to remember to put them on....) such a big girl she is :)

Karri said...

Go EJ!
As the mom of a short kid, I know the sentiment. Only I was never smart enough to go out and get a 2 stair step-stool.

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