Valentine's Day Recap

Here I go again with a big whopping day-in-photos post...I'll try to keep the words to a minimum.

Started out our day with church...which of course means heart tights (had a really hard time getting her to take these off actually)!

Matt & I had a dinner date on Saturday night so that meant the kiddos got to hang out with Abbie & Owen. Jackie had a super fun party planned for them too with fun food, crafts and of course decorating treats! They had a blast Jackie...thanks again!

EJ's dinner placecard and decorated rice krispie treat heart.

Jack's overly-decorated chocolate chip cookie heart (don't you love that matt & jack will always play along with my silly set-up pics?).

After church (we went to early service so we could have a mini-party of our own before lunch) we played musical hearts (idea seen here). I traced hearts (which Jack cut out during church actually) and we placed them in a circle. We played music (on the tv if you see them looking at it in the pics) and they walked around the circle. When the music stopped, they picked up the heart closest to them and did the action listed.

Walk like a robot...

Flap your arms like a butterfly...

Fly around the house like an airplane...

and give Daddy a hug!

Some of the other actions were sing the ABCs, hop on one foot, name someone you love & why, and spin in a circle 3 times.

Then we moved on to activities at the table before lunch, like coloring our printables from Vale Design.

"Tracing" hearts by placing candy hearts on an outline.

And Jack did some charting with the candy hearts...he estimated how many hearts were in the bowl. Matt & I guessed too and I was the closest...2 away! (you know I have to brag about that as I beat the two math a lot!) Then he sorted them by color and saying. He was also going to stack them to see how many he could stack before it fell over, but he was distracted by the Olympics (and he had already been stacking while he was sorting, so I think the mystery of that activity was done).

For lunch...heart-shaped pb&j (my cutters were on loan, so I had to free-hand these with a judgments please!)...

and pink milk!

Excuse the quality of this photo, because after nap I switched to the iphone for a bit, because...

we were here! EJ kept asking when "the animals" were coming. We didn't get it because she knew we were going to see hockey (and she knows & loves hockey just like Mommy). Finally we got it...she heard "animals" when we said "Admirals"...ooops!

Even Livie had a good time (first-timer as she slept through the only other hockey game we have been to since she was born).

After that we went back home for our traditional dinner of Rocky's heart-shaped pizza (they might be just a little excited!).

No pizza for Liv, but she did get to play with the huge balloon they gave us.

I think it was a pretty good day!

Night, night everybody!
Leslie said...

Yeah, you're like the best mom EVER!!! Seriously. The things you do with your kids are the coolest, and I just know that years from now they're going to look back fondly on all of those memories, trading stories, and being thankful for having such an amazing mom!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

i agree with leslie!! looks like an incredible day!

all the "love" going into all these activities and fun!

go stuarts!!

Jackie said...

Glad the kids had fun, mine did too :) Looks like they had a fun weekend in general...go mom!! Way to be creative as it :)

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