Who are you?

This week at school Jack is the VIP of his class. Which basically means that this week all the extra attention is on him. Tomorrow he will bring in this large poster board of photos, notes and things describing who he is.

And throughout the week, he will bring in these items (one or more each day) to share even more about himself with his class.

{Taste of Home magazine where Jack once modeled thanks to Auntie Sandy, Jack's photo album which includes pics of him with each member of our family, his piggy, baseball glove, LEGO car, Lightning McQueen car, bug catcher necklace}

This task was not an easy one let me tell you and we had many discussions as he chose which photos to use, what to say about them and what things he wanted to bring. For instance, he didn't want to write "I like to cook" initially because he likes to do a lot of other things too and didn't want his class to think that was his "favorite thing" to do. However he HAD to attach a pencil to the board (which is when we started including "stuff" on the board as well as photos) because he wanted them to know that he likes to write. Everything he did was carefully selected and really important to him.

It really got me to thinking about how I would do this same activity to describe myself. What photos would I choose? What notes would I write? What things would I include? It's a tough task to describe your entire self so minimally (and I'm not sure I could), but I think Jack did a really great job. I'm very proud that he chose to include people he loves and ways he helps others in with the things he likes...I think that describes who he is perfectly!
Jackie said...

He did a very good job! Very cute and I would say that the Jack that I know is well depicted here (and I've only known him for a couple years :)

Sadie said...

We just did this a few weeks ago for Gavin's class. Such a fun project. I'm glad to hear that it happens in first grade too. I wonder how long they get to do them?

I was also interested to see The Lightning McQueen car. He was the biggest superstar in our house for a couple of years, then kind of fell by the wayside in the wake of "bigger kid" stuff. Then recently, like all things quality, he made a comeback and is a favorite again.

You guys did a great job!

(P.S. Here's ours. Loved doing it):

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

What a fabulous photo board! I love how Jack choose each item so carefully. Looks like he has some amazing interests! His classmates will be blown away!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That's a really cool challenge. I love it. Got my wheels turning in my head now...

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