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Today I have been so all over the of those days where you have done things, but you feel as if nothing was finished. Oh and also this week I have a very specific to do list of projects & party planning & cleaning, but instead I have sorted & donated & organized drawers and closets and bookshelves (you know the places no one really ever sees!). I have two big boxes full of stuff to donate, so that's something I guess. I think this week it just hit me that we moved into this house, put all our stuff from our old house "somewhere" and then life happened and everything has stayed in those original places whether we use them or not (I found a bathmat from the old house in the linen closet...we've never used it...we've lived here 5 1/2 years!). I'm thinking post-party season, things have got to change! And everyone seems to have forgotten about my living room situation...still not solved everyone. Please help!

Okay, so on to the photos and random thoughts! You won't see too many photos of Jack in here because he has been SICK the past two weeks...but he is now medicated and hopefully on the mend (just didn't want you to think I've been ignoring him). Back before the sickness, we babysat our nieces for the evening. It was our first time with all six kids and I think it went pretty well. This is Matt and my youngest niece Evelyn hanging out.

After dinner I pretty much hung with the baby girls and Matt took the big kids. I put Evelyn in the carrier so I could clean up dishes, clean up toys, help where I could. It also saved Evelyn from her cousin! See how Olivia is doing everything in her power to get to the baby? She wanted to play with her at all costs and she did not like Mommy holding another baby at all. Right now their size difference is really crazy...7 months and about 20 pounds! Oh and I don't know if you can see it, but they had the exact same nukie...Matt & I could tell the difference (Liv's was more beat up), but each big kid told us at least once that we had given their sister's nukie to the other baby. Seriously, where are these kids when I need help with their sister other days?

I'm working on a bunch of craft projects but haven't been able to blog about them because they are either gifts or things for the girls' upcoming parties. The one thing I have been working on for awhile is this blanket. I started it on my girls' trip but didn't quite have the hang of it (despite emailing my mom photos for advice on my mistakes, I still didn't get it). When I got home Mom set me straight and a motored through about 28 was getting BIG. But it wasn't really a square was wonky! So I talked to Mom & Matt about it and they both said they agreed it was wonky. It's a gift and even though it's my first blanket, I don't want to give something I'm not proud of, so...I took it back to the first row and started over! Here is the pile of yarn for what I tore apart (I forgot to take a pic of the blanket where I was)...

And here is the tiny little first row.

I haven't been able to work on it too much this week (I did the original damage on Saturday), but here is where I'm at now. And it's a square...yay!

I picked up this book from the library this morning...maybe it will get me on the right track?

And zoo or not, I'm not sure you want your children this close to the tiger! Especially when the guy next to you is telling a loud story about someone being attacked/eaten at a zoo. Nice!!!

Look how enthralled EJ is though...cracks me up how she would follow him as he walked by each time.

Don't forget to move's MS Awareness Week!

Tonight the Chipotle's in our area donated 50% of their profits to the National MS Society. Huge right? So of course we went and got carryout. You'd think this was because they misheard me on the phone, but I ordered online!

EJ has been having me do "pigtails with braids" for her hair a lot lately. She looks cute with them in, but she thinks it is hysterical that she has curly hair after! By the way, her hair is SO curly when I take the braids out and by morning, totally straight again. I think she totally has my hair (4 hours in rollers on my wedding day and flat hair 20 minutes later)!

The other little miss has tasted a bit of freedom and she likes it! Both of these pics are not her turning to look at me...they are me racing around to get a pic of her completely backwards in whatever she is supposed to be forwards in. I turned her around in the shopping cart like 4 times before I just left her (then I got a lecture from Jack about how she could get hurt...good times!).

Finally with Jack being sick, every night this week has been movie night. Monday was rented Monsters vs. Aliens (redbox) and Jack & EJ both loved it. I didn't see all of it as Olivia was having a rough night, but what I did see was cute.

Tonight we watched Cats: The Movie, starring Jeremy Sisto, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jeremy Piven. Let's just say that is 100 minutes I'll never get back again. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!! It is shot on video and it seriously looks as if someone shot random footage of their cats around the neighborhood and then a bunch of people sat around guessing as to what the cats might say. Except for those people are also overacting to a really badly written script. Wow is all I can say! On the upside, the kids loved it (well I guess that's an upside, I mean it was good that they were entertained. It's bad if that means that I will ever have to watch this or something like this again!).

After the kids went to bed tonight, I watched an old episode of Psych. I'd love to thank my bro for turning me on to that show. The writers love the 80s as much as I do and it shows. The references are awesome and then I look up (I was folding laundry) and Judd Nelson is on? So awesome! And speaking of awesome, did everyone hear that Neil Patrick Harris is guesting on Glee? I can't wait!!!

Oh and finally, no pic but this week I have gone to all flip flops, all the time! That means it's Spring everyone! (please no more snow...I will be so sad if I have to go back to shoes & boots!)
Karri said...

he he he - you know, i was purging and organizing linen closets the night before aidan's party, too. because people look there, right?

my kids, norah esp., love Cats (the movie). LOVE it. can't get enough of it. i've come to realize that their taste and mine don't mesh.

straight haired girls, unite!

Anonymous said...

Good job on the blanket. I could see no mistakes (and looked carefully). By jove,I think she's got it!
I didn't see any seat belt on Olivia in the cart. Her brother was right, she could get hurt. The ever viligent Jack.
Does Evelyn have red hair too or is it just the lighting from the camera?

heather said...

Mom, she totally did have a seatbelt on (it's under where her arms are, she just got good at being extra wiggly! And Evelyn's hair id a little darker (more brown) but Miles? super red head! they say its blonder than Liv's but I can't wait to see for myself!

Jackie said...

I can't believe how LONG EJ's hair actually is, that's crazy, since we never see it down! reminds me of being a kid, totally!

good work on the blanket, I would've thrown it away by now!

Thanks for the advice on the movies!!!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

how adorable is ej!??! i need to SEE her!

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