Birthday Celebrations

Well the celebrations before the big kid party! Kind of a photo dump if you will!

Thursday night:
Dinner party at Grandma S's house...she went crazy on the decorations & EJ loved it!

I love you Grandma!

Jack brings out his surprise rainbow cake.

Waiting to blow out the candles

And she even let Jack help her!

See that decoration on top? It was this cool tiger that Grandma let her keep & she won't put down!

New tiger jammies from Uncle D & Auntie Alice

Livie digging through my purse

Jack read her all her cards.

Uncle D took a nice photo for me!

We got home late but we sure had fun!

Friday night:
My friend Jackie made our family this AWESOME cake!!!

She based it off the invitations I made. Too cool right?

But she made that one with the extra cake she had after making this HUGE, gorgeous cake for us! Seriously, how cool is this? (and yes, I owe her big time!)

See I only let EJ hold the small cake...EJ was SO excited!!!

So we picked up the cakes and then headed out to EJ's family dinner at Jose's! Oooh, fun story...EJ decided she wanted Mexican food during the day. When Matt asked her where she wanted to go she said that she wanted Mexican food and then said "Daddy, we're going to take an airplane." Apparently she thought we were heading for authentic Mexican Mexico!

Olivia had her first salsa...and loved it!

And Jack (who hates salsa) ate some too. I was shocked!

She loved getting sung to...again!

And Jack took a turn with the sombrero too!

But again we got home very late! Actually much too late for cake and presents...straight to jammies & bed!

Saturday morning:
We decided to have cake for breakfast. I's banana cake right? You can pretty much tell this doesn't happen every day by the look on her face.


By the time I turned to Jack, he was done!

Look at this amazing bag Jeni found! EJ loved it! (nice work on the letters on the card too did you do that?)

Julie gave her another kid game that she is old enough to play (she hates being left out).

And then she opened the tutu...wish I had a movie of this. She was flapping it up and down and all around so fast you couldn't even see her!

Trying it on...

And it matched perfectly with the fairy accessories from Jeni too!

Present from Mom & Dad

And Sunday will be Day 4 of EJ's big celebration (think she's dragged it out enough?)...her friend party followed by a joint celebration (for her and her cousin Izzy) with Dad's family. And then...we're done!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

that IS quite the celebration!! and so much to comment on! first, could that girl be any cuter?!? LOVE her little smile!

second ... good luck with zingo! once we get started, we can not pull hunter away from it ... her fav game, hands down!

LOVE the cakes!! LOVE, LOVE them! jackie ... are you for hire? ;)

tutu ... BIG hit!! yay jack!!

LOVE the tiger bag! and cake for breakfast!!

you guys do birthdays right! ;)

Jackie said...

I think I want a 4 day celebration!! What a fun year for little EJ (I mean big girl EJ :) Looks like she got all the perfect gifts this year and had the happiest birthday ever. The smiles on her face say it all!

I'm so happy she loved her cake, the picture of her with it is fabulous! Oh, and Tracie...sure, I'm for hire...for a small fee :)

Can't wait to see what the big kid party holds...

southern daze said...

What a fun birthday weekend! Looks like fun is being had by all.

Cake for breakfast? Doesn't get much better than that :-)

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