Dr. Suess Birthday Celebration

Dr. Suess' Birthday Celebration at our public library! Thanks for tipping us off on this one Grandma K and for letting Mom & Dad tag along on your date with the kids too!

We partied the morning away darn it! They had everything a kid could possibly desire.

Turtle touch area with this 15-year-old tortoise (we learned that is a teenager in tortoise years)

and this tiny little guy too (EJ's weird face is because Matt had just told her not to pick the turtle up again, so she knows she is totally busted!).

Fishing games...not complicated or tough at all, but...

even big brother had to "catch" a couple fish.

This is EJ completely enthralled by the storyteller...she LOVED him. And seriously who wouldn't? He sang, he juggled, he had kid participation...good times for all!

I didn't get a pic of the GIANT bowl of swedish fish contest. I wish I had as Jack guessed 1092...he may have gone a bit over! :-) There was also another story area where people were acting out the stories as another person read them.

On to turtle cookie decorating. The staff had them all set up, so you got the cookie, frosting and all the "extras" needed to make your turtle. The kids hard at work...

EJ and Grandma's finished work (minus the pretzel EJ had already eaten).

Jack's almost completed turtle (didn't get the finished product as I was feeding Olivia lunch while they were decorating).

There wasn't much for a baby to do except people-watch (well that and chew on her hand...teething sucks!).

We capped off the morning with face-painting...there were four different face painters so the "Cat in the Hat" each kid got was very different.

I thought Jack's was really cool!

We had a great time! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
Love the SouthWest US, but miss the fam said...

Livvy looks the one who is struggling. Jack looks fine. What a difference a couple days makes.

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

looks like a great time was had by all! to bad southwest us had to miss it! ;)

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