fame, glee, & girl shows

Yesterday I watched the newer version of Fame (redbox free rental day again) and while I didn't love it as much as the 1980 version, I still found it fun to watch. I liked that they kept the format of the original movie but still updated things. I loved the teachers' characters the best and it was awesome that Debbie Allen was the principal. It definitely wasn't as "deep" as far as plot goes and while I know they really couldn't bust out I Sing the Body Electric at the end, the final song was kind of weak!

I did love that they kept my favorite song in the movie. I mean how could you leave out my "go to" song (you know for anytime I need to really want to pretend I still sing...like in the shower, alone in the car...you get the point)? I was going to use a clip of the new version, but let's face it, Irene Cara does it best (and you deserve to see the great outfits & hair too).

Seriously, I heart the singing and dancing movies...what is with that? I've never been a dancer, but put a rerun of a dance themed movie (even that awful one with Julia Styles) on and I'm stuck watching tv for two hours! I don't get it, but at this point why change it right? Just hoping one of my girls likes them too so I can force someone to watch Footloose with me later in life!

Anyway, the other thing watching Fame did was get me SUPER excited for Glee to come back in April! I mean this show is SO my favorite! I cannot wait for the Madonna episode either...80s and Glee? Be still my heart!