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Have you heard of I've been planning to blog about it for some time, but this past week saw a billboard and a tv commercial. And then this morning, our own public library was promoting the site too! Good time to get my post done huh?

According to their Facebook fan page:
Geek the Library is a community-based awareness campaign designed to highlight the vital role of public libraries and raise awareness about the critical funding issues they face. The campaign draws attention to the fact that everyone is passionate about something and can learn more about it at the public library.

See the definition below for the details on using the word geek as a verb. Who knew you could be a library geek AND geek the library?

The library is such a needed resource for so many (and perhaps a sanctuary to the book nerd in your life too). I loved the library way before I was a librarian and use more than one of my area public libraries weekly...for research, pleasure reading, crafting, movies, and books for my kids. Jack has his own library card (I can't find the pic of him when he got it though, darn it!) and is beyond proud to use it. And our kids go to programs, classes and parties at the library whenever they are offered.

I'm one of the lucky ones who chooses to use the library whenever I can. What about those who HAVE to use the library because they can't afford to buy books, because it is their only means of accessing a computer/internet, because they need help finding a job? Click here to learn more about access for all as well as the other important faces the library plays in communities across the US.

More from the Facebook page:
The public library's role in building strong communities is more important than ever. But as library usage increases, and the pressure to expand services intensifies, many libraries simply do not have the necessary funding to support the new demand. At the same time, most are experiencing flat or decreasing budgets.

We saw this poster board at our local public library this morning. Love it! Please spread the word about what you geek, how the library helps you with your passion and help to raise awareness of the need for support and funding for our public libraries!

I couldn't resist doing one more "I geek" for you too. You can customize your saying here and then download the image or purchase customized merchandise. Very fun!

I'll be posting tomorrow about the special event that brought the whole family (and Grandma) to our public library this morning, but anyone have a guess based on this pic?

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Leslie said...

How cool!!! I've always been a library geek myself, and lament the fact that even though I work next door to one I cannot take books out of it!! (Wrong county! Gah!) But I still frequent it all the time anyhow!

And red and white stripes and libraries can mean only one thing! :-) Even though my kids are big they still love all things Seuss!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

super cool!!

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