Gordon makes it look so easy!

or (alternate title)...
Why I should stick to crafts!

Today we watched Sesame Street as EJ was home sick. The theme of the day was rainbows...funny how that works huh? So anyway, at one point, Gordon busts out some MacGyver action and makes a rainbow not with magic, but with science! Seemed pretty easy...he just used a flashlight with tape on it, a glass of water, a sheet of white paper and a dark room. Looked pretty simple when he did it!

I tried to find a clip of Gordon in action, but had no luck. However you can click here to watch the trailer for this episode and you can see Gordon's awesome rainbow at about 20 seconds in.

You can see how thrilled Jack is with our rainbow! The best we got was about a one inch rainbow (for about 20 seconds before it disappeared). I'm not quite sure what our issue was (I used a couple different glasses without much luck).

But then again, if you don't get the science behind it...it's hard to trouble shoot! Or maybe I should just stick to what I know. I mean a tube of Mentos with a 2-liter of my beloved Diet Coke...you can't mess up that experiment right?
Nellie Leis said...

Ha! I happened to watch that episode this morning and let me just tell you, I think it was even difficult for Mr. Science Teacher Gordon himself! Did you notice the camera wasn't on him, his flashlight or the glass when the actual rainbow appeared on the paper! I have a feeling it took lots of work for the Sesame Street crew to get that action shot! haha!

Leslie said...

Oh dear . . . Sesame Street resorting to camera trickery? Gasp! I've got a prism you could borrow, if you want to cheat and do it the easy way! :-P

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