Happy Mail

Did you know that you can send a box of candy in the mail? As is...just throw a mailing label on it? Well, you'd truly be surprised what you can send via first class usps actually!

It just has to be 13 ounces or less, which coincidentally is the name of the theme/project I've been following on Giver's Log and where I got this great idea. AmberLee has sent candy, post-its, a mini garland in an M&M tube...even a frisbee. I love it and was inspired to bring a little fun into the mailbox of some people I love so packaged up boxes of Swedish Fish, Milk Duds and Whoppers and sent them on their way. The most expensive was only $2.05 and the lowest was $1.65 I think.

Also, did you know that if you try to take a photo of boxes of noisy candy on the floor, the 10 month-old is sure to get her hands in the shot? It was too cute not to keep and share!

P.S. If you live in the city with a busy post office and can't even imagine the looks you'd get from the postman regarding your box of candy, frisbee, etc., let me HIGHLY recommend the Automated Postal Center. Usually in the PO Box area of the post office (so open all the time), gives you just the right size postage and never rolls it's eyes at you!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

love this idea SO much!! taylor gobbled her fish up right away and wouldn't let me touch them!

i, on the other hand, still haven't gotten my duds. boo! :(

Dawn said...

i love that automated postage machine! plus... there are a lot of older people who live here and tehy are scared of it :) i'll have to try sending the candy! cool idea!

southern daze said...

I will absolutely be using the automated postage machine when I mail some peeps to a friend for Easter. I can't even imagine the looks the postmen/women at my post office would give me. Thanks for the idea!

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