Painting Patterns & Practicing Patience

I saw this awesome chevron patterned wall on Made by Girl the other day and was very intrigued. Looks like a ton of work huh? Head to Layers of Meaning (owners of the wall) to see lots of in progress shots. In fact it does appear that it was a ton of work, but the end product is gorgeous.

{image by Layers of Meaning}

I've been on a home improvement kick lately (well at least thinking about improving things in my head) and painting is one of the most cost effective ways to spruce up a room and give it it's own look. I like clean, simple looks, but the idea of adding some simple details with paint? I'm all in for that.

I love my friend Nellie's house for that very reason! She and her husband really paid attention to details, especially with painting. They have awesome vertical stripes both on their basement stairs and in their entry (where the stripes are done in a clear gloss over the paint color). And their son Finley's nursery has this gorgeous horizontal stripe as the backdrop to a cool nautical theme. Love it!

{images by nellie*design}

Seeing as all my current painting projects are imaginary, I thought I'd show you a painting project we did in 2006 (so 2 years after we moved in when we only had one child)...the playroom. We wanted it to be bright, cheery and fun. We also wanted it to be able to grow with the additional kids we were hoping to have, so we wanted it to be gender-neutral.

Some in progress shots...

And a few more... I would like to say that the actual painting in this room was super simple and easy. I looked at the dates on the photos and I painted this entire room in two days. What took about 4-5 days was the taping. Matt & I would start working after Jack went to bed (which I believe was 9pm way back then) and work until 1 or 2am each night. Imagine blue tape, a laser level and many arguments (probably a couple laughs too though). Matt may have said he wasn't taking on one of my crazy projects again (think he's forgotten by now?).

You haven't notice that the trim and door frames are off-white while the walls are painted white right? Good cause 4 years later and they are still off-white...yikes!

Jack was 2 1/2 when we did this project. He thought he was the biggest helper in the world! I love how intense he is about painting with the paint-less roller!

Looks like our next project is our upstairs bath remodel. I've been out of the fixer-upper game for so long that I'm actually scared about this one. So if anyone sees any great inspiration pics, please send them my way!
Leslie said...

Further proof of same-brain-syndrome . . . I, too, have been mulling some room redo projects lately. My kitchen needs some sprucing up, and our main bathroom is looking a little sad, too. I'm intimidated by both!

Love, love, LOVE the playroom! So cute and cheery!! (And ambitious!! Wow!)

And can I just say that I'm kinda proud that the banner I made for Nellie's shower actually made it to fabulous Fin's nursery!? Woot!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

first, how cute is jack!?! look at those little cheeks!!

and of course i love nellie's house!!

and that chevron pattern is out of this world!

Sadie said...

OHMYGOSH, I love that checkerboard wall that you did! I have been looking for some inspiration for one of Maia's walls, and may have just found it.

We did a fun striped red wall for Gavin, same concept of the gloss paint. It was easy and came out really cute.

The joys of painting with kids! It always seems like a good idea in concept, but kind of scary when the moment actually arrives.

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