Postcard Swap

{image courtesy Vandalia Street Press}

I have been trying so hard to get in on a postcard swap and now I am a part of one, but we still need more people to fill all the states (sorry Wisconsin peeps! I've taken our hood already). I'm really excited to do this for two reasons. One is because I get to make a fun postcard for our week and the other is that for an entire year the kids and I should receive a postcard each week from somewhere in the US (you know we'll be busting a map out to track this action, right?). are the details:
50 families (one from each state) will swap postcards over the next year. Each state will have their own week and will send out 49 postcards, one to each state, during that week. We will go in alphabetical order of the states. At the end of 50 weeks we will all have received a postcard from 49 other states! This is a family swap, a great way for kids to learn about the states. Postcards should be state themed. You can buy them or just make them yourself if you'd like to. The cost to send 50 postcards is $14.

Interested? Click the button below to learn more about the swap and see what states are still available!
Jackie said...

What a fun idea! Never knew it even existed! I know people in a lot of those states...i'll forward it on and see if they want to join!

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