Rainbow Cake, Year Two

Okay so word on our playground is that EVERYBODY is making the rainbow cupcakes (as seen in Family Fun) for St. Patrick's Day dessert. Cute huh?

{image from Family Fun}

Not us though...You see for the second year, Jack made his sister a rainbow cake for her birthday! And seriously, he is SO proud! This year it is a surprise (because, to be honest, she can't remember last year), so we made it last night (while Daddy was home to keep the girls busy for us).

So...to keep things simple, we use this super easy cake recipe. Mix together 2 boxes of white cake mix with 2-12oz cans of any white soda. stir. done! It really is a light, yummy cake. But the best part is it's easy...both to do with a kid and because it leaves you time to do all the color mixing.

The next step is to divide the batter between 6 bowls. It comes out to 1 1/2 cups per bowl (almost exactly) if you'd rather just measure it out. Then add food coloring to each bowl and mix to get each color of the rainbow. My recipe (Update: Karri helped me find the original post I got this from...check it out here) says to use gel or paste food colors, but we use the drops (egg dye) and it works out fine. Tonight we used about 25 drops per bowl.

{march 2009}

Use two 9" (greased) round pans. In pan #1, start with red and pour 2/3 cup into the center of the pan. Do the same with orange & yellow, always pouring into the center. Then in pan #2, start with purple (again using 2/3 cup for each) and pour into center, followed by blue and green. Your pans will look something like this...

{march 2010}

Now, take pan #1 and add in the remaining batter, one by one, starting with green. Then add blue & purple. Again be sure to always pour into the center, but no need to measure now. Do the same with pan #2, yellow, orange, and finally red. Jack recommends sticking your tongue out when completing this step.

{march 2010}

When you're done with these steps, your pans should look something like this (and you'll have a lot of bowls to rinse out too).

{march 2009}

As we're not eating this until Thursday night, I haven't done anything more than bake the cake at this point. I searched through last year's photos and couldn't find one of a piece cut out or anything and was wondering why that would be. Well, I went to turn the cakes out of the pan and I remembered...I seem to have an issue with the entire cake coming out of the pan. As I'm not a baker, I'm not sure if it's just this cake, our crazy/yucky oven, or just my mad baking skills. At any rate, a bit of patchwork had to be done tonight, but overall the cake should be fine. I tasted a bit and it is yummy!

This year, if I can keep it together, we are going to serve it as a layer cake (I'll update with photos later), but last year we split it into two cakes. I "frosted" it with Cool Whip and it worked out fine...nice & light like the cake (and covered up any issues with cake patching too).

This was EJ after she got the cake surprise (I have a feeling she won't be letting Jack help her blow out the candle this year though)!

{march 2009}

I must admit that when EJ was a baby, I had big dreams of having a tradition of having green velvet cake every year for her almost St. Patrick's Day birthday (oh how I love a good red velvet cake!), but I must admit...this cake tradition kind of rocks too!

{image from Bakerella...I knew it had to be, just had to find it first!}
Karri said...

Yay -- rainbow cake!! I think you're referring to http://www.omnomicon.com/ ?? THat's where I initially found the recipe a year or so ago. But those green cupcakes are pretty darn cool....

Anyway....a tip for getting your cake out non-injured :) Butter (not spray) your pan. Line the bottom of each pan with a round of parchment or waxed paper and butter the paper. When the cake is done baking, turn it onto a wire cooling rack, peel off the paper, and let cool. Don't give the cake any cooling time in the pan. I promise it will come out like buttah.

I hope EJ enjoys her cake. And tutu. :)

Morgan said...

Aw, how sweet that he made that for his little sister. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!

So what's the soda in the cake for? I think I might give the cupcakes a try later. Thanks for sharing!

Proud Poppa said...

I like the tongue hanging out! Such concentration.

Nice work both of you. EJ will be beside herself!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

love the tongue!! and the whipped cream frosting!

AND ... now my stomach is growling! :(

southern daze said...

What a fun birthday cake! I can't wait to see how it turned out.

Between this post and Tracie's individual cakes for Piper's b-day I'm seriously craving cake! (And I've already had green sweet treats AND pie today!)

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